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Executive committee members – Uganda Society of Professional Chemists

Uganda Society of Professional Chemists is an association that aims to advance the chemical sciences by empowering chemists to meet global challenges


The President acts as a figure head for the society and ensures that:

•the Committee functions effectively

•there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed. The President fulfils the role of Chair presiding at committee meetings. He/she is responsible for making sure that each meeting is planned effectively, conducted according to the constitution and that matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner.

• effective decisions are made and carried out. The Chairperson must co-ordinate the Committee to ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the effective management of the organisation.


The Vice-President(s) play a key role in supporting the President and sharing the President’s roles (Technical and Administrative) where appropriate.

The Vice-President will chair the Society Committee in the absence of the Chair.


The Treasurer has a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Management Committee to safeguard the organisation’s finances.

• General financial and constitutional oversight; Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee.

• Funding and fundraising;

• Advise on the organisation’s fundraising strategy.

• Ensure use of funds complies with conditions set by funding bodies.

• Financial planning and budgeting.

• Financial reporting.

• Banking, book-keeping and record-keeping.

• Manage the finance subcommittee Chairs and provide leadership to the Finance subcommittee.

4.General Secretary

The role of the Secretary is to support the President and Treasurer in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee.
• Ensuring meetings are effectively organised and minuted.
• Maintaining effective records and administration.
• Upholding legal and constitutional requirements shared with the Treasurer.
• Communication and correspondence.

5.Publicity Secretary

To chair and lead the Social and Networking subcommittees and Events.

• To plan, deliver and evaluate society social events. This includes identification and booking of suitable activities and venues (including Society venues), ordering catering and speakers/trainers/entertainment where appropriate.

• Keep the website and online services and activities updated.

• Create and manage Email addresses, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; Encourage use of society digital screens and notice boards.

• Advertise meetings and events; take photos for the website.

6.Head Research

To chair and lead the Research and Development activities, initiatives of the society.

• To report to the monthly management committee on the activities of the Research
activities and initiatives.
• To plan, deliver and evaluate society R&D events.
• To liaise closely with the Social and Networking Events Officer in planning the events.
• To ensure compliance with the Society’s understanding of the Country’s and
International’s Research agenda.
• To liaise with the Treasurer in planning the full costings of events.


To lead all kinds of mobilization activities.

• To take the lead in identifying funding opportunities, listing them and sharing the information with the Secretary General.

• To assist with funding proposal writing processes. This involves writing project and budget plan proposals and coordinating with the different sub-committees.

• To assist in developing a fund generation and resource mobilisation work-plan and constantly follow-up the implementation of the plan.

• This involves designing and writing materials for communications with different
prospective donors and agencies.

• To assist and liaise with the Scientific, Leadership and Community Programme
committees in soliciting and linking prospective sponsors for programmatic
sessions (Satellite, Symposium, Skill building workshops and forums).

• To assist in mobilizing non-financial resources from private sectors entities,
individuals and corporate agencies.

• To ensure that fundraising and resource mobilization information are up to date.

• Work with publicity for advocacy with Science, Social and political leaders to create & improve awareness on the relevance & benefits of society services.

• Organise meetings with science, social and political leaders, village heads, community and women groups, trade associations and other relevant community segments to improve awareness on the relevance and benefits of society.

8.Head Foreign Affairs


How to apply

1. Submit your CV

2. Outline what you intend to do (manifesto)

3. If you are not fully registered, fill and send the membership application form (download from www.uspc.or.ug)

Send the requested items to: info@uspc.or.ug

Deadline: November 30th 2020

Note: Only those that meet the minimum requirements above shall be considered.


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