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Invitation to apply for support for Ugandan Organization – Gered Gereedschap

Gered Gereedschap is a Dutch NGO which has been making a consistent effort for craftsmen and women in developing countries for the last 37 years. Projects supported by Gered Gereedschap strengthen technical vocational education and entrepreneurship in Africa. Our support is practical, tangible and comprehensive. From tool sets and machines for schools, fully equipped sewing workshops to the education of technical vocational teachers. All our support is directed towards one purpose: promoting technical craftsmanship as a basis for self-reliance.


For each project Gered Gereedschap works with local partners. We invite organisations in Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania and Ghana that promote vocational education and entrepreneurship and will benefit from our help to submit an application. In addition, Gered Gereedschap actively approaches (international) organisations for cooperation.

Gered Gereedschap preferably supports vocational training programmes and projects that satisfy demand for the local (labour) market. Schools and projects that promote entrepreneurship and offer further support to young people after their training are greatly appreciated. Preference is also given to gender-orientated projects, projects aimed at marginalised groups, cooperatives, ecological awareness and environment protection.



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