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Senior Program and Operations Manager – International Lifeline Fund

International Lifeline Fund (Lifeline) is seeking a dynamic Senior Program and Operations Manager for a unique opportunity to oversee its humanitarian and social enterprise activities of its Environment Program. To meet the energy needs of the +1.3 million refugees and surrounding host communities in Uganda, the SPOME will manage programs in partnership with international agencies, such as the UN World Food Programme, and other local partners, including community based organizations and district government officials. To balance the needs of the most vulnerable with the growing East African market for efficient energy products, the SPOME will lead Lifeline’s stove manufacturing facility in Lira, producing some of the highest value and most affordable efficient cookstoves on the market. With over 60,000 stoves manufactured and distributed last year, Lifeline Stoves one of the largest manufacturing enterprises for efficient cookstoves in Uganda.

The SPOME will assist in designing humanitarian projects, assist in developing proposals, formulate budgets, analyze data, produce reports, attend relevant meetings, coordinate with various stakeholders and cultivate partnerships. He/She will be accountable for monitoring, evaluating and documenting learnings of the project deliverables. He/She will be instrumental in the seamless operation of Lifeline’s Fuel-Efficient Cook Stove production facility to meet the goals and objectives of its social enterprise activity. He/She will also work alongside/delegate authority to key supervisors to oversee operations for uninterrupted and efficient production processes.

Program Management Responsibilities

Under the supervision of the Country Director and the Global Program Manager, the SPOME will undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Organize programs and activities in accordance with the mission and goals of the organization
  • Develop and manage program work plans to coordinate activities in alignment with program timelines and outputs/outcomes
  • Lead implementation teams and foster a culture of mutual respect, enthusiasm, opportunity, and growth
  • Ensure project goals and objectives are met per program requirements, including critical analysis of program activities and data
  • Review, edit, and submit weekly and monthly program reports (narrative and financial) to Country Director and Global Program Manager
  • Participate in regular development and leadership team meetings at Country and Global levels
  • Assist with proposal development and partner liaising as needed
  • Manage hiring of new program officers, per program needs and budget allocation

Cookstove Operations Management

  • Manage the operations of the cookstove production in Lira
  • Prepare, analyze and issue production and performance reports
  • Create and enforce quality control standards procedures in terms of production and operations
  • Prepare annual forecast and quarterly operating budgets and monthly reports in coordination with the Country Director
  • Maintain a safe work environment and ensure compliance needs are met
  • Analyze factory production data and devising improvement strategies
  • Develop and implement a preventative maintenance program
  • Track expenses and actively analyze cost saving methods
  • Maintaining clear communications with logistics team to ensure proper logistical support for the factory
  • Work very closely with Lifeline Production team, CD, HQ Deputy Director, and relevant external consultants in strategic program improvements and develop tools, which optimize production and operations
  • Work closely with CD regarding all procurement, contract agreements with vendors and suppliers and respecting all Lifeline and donor financial policies and protocols for transactions related to Stove production

Qualification preferences

  • Proven experience in program management and operations
  • Experience with community & government engagement/training
  • Familiarity with different business/financial models in emerging markets
  • Working knowledge of different household and institutional energy technologies and their cost vs. benefits
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or related field preferred
  • 5+ years’ program management experience
  • Able to lead root cause analysis investigations
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Familiarity with AutoCAD is a plus & proficient in MS office preferably with advanced Excel knowledge

How to apply

Please email your cv, references and any other applicable documentation to HR@lifelinefund.org.


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