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13 Security Assistants (Rotational Workers) jobs at Uganda Airlines

No. of Openings: Thirteen (13)

Reports to:    Security Duty Officer

Purpose:    The purpose of the Job is to ensure that International Civil Aviation Organization Standards and Recommended Practices (ICAO SARPs) in the context of the designated role as Security Assistant of Uganda National Airlines to protect Civil Aviation against acts of unlawful interference in accordance with Annex 17 and ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973-Restricted) and to ensure compliance with the Uganda National Airlines Security Program Manual.


Security Responsibility: In discharging this accountability, Security Assistants is responsible for the following duties:

Access Control into Aircraft

  • Ensure that only those authorized to access aircraft are allowed access by carrying out mandatory verification of the validity of airport permits, ground staff, crew ID badges, or passenger boarding pass who is attempting to access the aircraft
  • Challenge all persons seeking to gain access to ascertain their identity and whether their presence is essential for the operation of the aircraft.
  • Report to the Security Shift Team Leader or any other senior security personnel any unauthorized person found seeking access into an aircraft.
  • Record names of authorized persons accessing aircraft.
  • Conduct cabin security checks as soon as the last passenger disembarks.
  • Conduct a search on all staff seeking access to aircraft for specific duties i.e cabin groomers/cleaners, engineers, and catering staff.
  • Carrying out a physical search before and after of ALL ramp vehicles, Inflight catering trucks, including ramp buses that convey Uganda National Airlines passengers and crew for prohibited weapons and explosive devices
  • Maintain surveillance around the aircraft.

Baggage Handling Aircraft Side

  • Ensure the hold is searched and Loaders prior to commencement of loading and after offloading inspect aircraft, exterior baggage, and cargo hold, visual inspection of aircraft undercarriage with the assistance of Uganda National Airlines ground Engineers as appropriate.
  • Ensure all bags received at the aircraft stand bear “security screened” stickers.
  • Ensure all bags are intact and correctly tagged.
  • Ensure the Loading Agents scan/manually tally the bags loaded for future reference
  • Note discrepancies and interferences and report to the Security Team Leader.
  • Note all offloads and inform the rightful handlers/Security staff for safe custody.
  • Ensure that all hand baggage retrieved is handled as per the appropriate procedures.
  • Acknowledge receipt of baggage at the aircraft side to security staff at the point of origin of the baggage to be loaded.

Baggage Make-Up Area

  • Ensure all bags received at the baggage make-up area are screened or bear “security screened” stickers.
  • Ensure that all bags at sorting are scanned/physically tallied for future reference
  • Ensure all baggage received are intact.
  • Note all irregularities on baggage and initiate any follow-up required immediately.
  • Challenge any person seeking access to the baggage make-up area to ascertain their identity and if their presence is essential to the operations. Monitor him closely.
  • Carry out random baggage weight checks and report any discrepancies observed before flight departure.

Baggage Hall Security;

  • Monitor offloading of baggage and note any baggage discrepancies.
  • Close monitoring of transit/transfer baggage screening and ensure all screened baggage bear a “security screened” sticker.
  • Challenge any person seeking access to the reclaim belts area to ascertain their identity and if their presence is essential to the operations. Monitor him closely.
  • Ensure uncollected baggage is recorded and locked in the cage/store.

Ramp Patrols:

  • Ensure security presence in Uganda Airlines operational areas i.e. baggage hall, makeup areas, aircraft parking bays, GSE equipment parking yards, lounges, check-in areas, cargo warehouses, etc by way of the constant foot and mobile patrols as applicable.
  • Be on the lookout for any unauthorized persons within the specified area.
  • Stop and challenge people whose identity is not clear within Uganda Airlines’ operational areas.
  • Report suspicious activities to the Security Team Leader for further investigations.
  • Handling of Lost and Found Items:
  • Lost and Found items discovered/recovered from the aircraft during a security search (for possible suspicious items) will be handed over to the Airline station Manager/representative.
  • The Team Leader on duty shall be responsible for delivery of the items left on board to the airline representative for safe custody.
  • Random audits of Lost and Found shall be carried out on behalf of Uganda Airlines by Quality Control Team, or Manager Security regularly to ensure the integrity of the disposal process.
  • All Lost & Found items recovered and requested by the airline customer immediately on disembarkation must be reported to the Security Duty Officer on duty who will in turn hand them over to the Airline representative. The staff delivering the same to the Uganda Airlines customer will indicate in the Lost and Found Register the details of the item and also include customer details.
  • Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Cargo and Mail Security 

  • Carrying out 100% physical inspection and x-ray screening of cargo, mail, and couriers before acceptance for transportation on Uganda National Airlines aircraft.
  • Ensuring screening of authorized persons accessing the warehouse where cargo and mail is stored.
  • Ensuring cargo and mail subjected to security controls is kept under key and lock.
  • Ensuring that screened cargo and mail have valid documentation including screened cargo stickers and is escorted to and from the aircraft at all times and not left unattended.
  • Report all security and safety incidents to the Security Duty Officer
  • Any other duties that may be required from time to time.

Qualification, Skills and Competencies:

  • Diploma qualification or equivalent
  • 2-3 years’ experience in busy security operations
  • Knowledge in Aviation security is an added advantage
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Investigative and report writing skills.
  • Ready to work in diverse teams and in shifts/rotation
  • Ability to stand for long hours.