3 Job positions at Jinja Area Communities Federation (JIACOFE)

Jinja Area Communities Federation (JIACOFE) is a child-focused Non-Govemmenlal Organization (NGO). It was established in 2004 and is an umbrella organization, constituting six communities, located in the districts of Kamuli, Mayuge, and Jinja. JIACOFE supports Children, Youth, and Parents who work for the development of their communities. JIACOFE’s Areas of intervention are; Health care and support, Youth empowerment, Child sponsorship, Basic Education, household economic empowerment, Early Childhood Development, and Child Protection. Contingent upon funding from USAID Integrated Child and Youth Development Activity (ICYD), JIACOFE will be implementing Work Readiness and Soft Skills project in Kamuli and Mayuge districts. Consequently, JIACOFE seeks to recruit suitably qualified, self ­motivated, and hardworking persons for the following positions:

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