Job Purpose: Responsible to the Managing Director to Carry out effective Running of Locomotives, and the design, repair and maintenance of all moving assets and machinery and electrical installations other than road service vehicles, Civil Engineering Plant and floating craft.

Principal Accountabilities & Deliverables
1 Heads the Mechanical Engineering Department.

• Assists the Managing Director on all mechanical engineering matters.
• Represents the Managing Director in mechanical engineering matters/meetings.
• Takes responsibilities in all mechanical engineering matters.
• Supervises subordinates in all mechanical engineering matters.

2 Understands and promotes the Corporate Vision
• Understands and shares URC’s Vision, Mission & Values with Management Team and inculcates them into the subordinates and external stakeholders.

3 Participates in the preparation, review and updating of the Corporate Plan.
• Provides input for engineering activities to help in updating of the corporate plan.
• Complies with agreed plan and budgetary provision.

4 Advises the Managing Director on Management Policies to be followed within the Department.

• Identifies and refers matters that appear advisable to sanction departure from prescribed Corporate Policies.
• Initiates and recommends new policies that promote the Department Strategies.

5 Complies with Safety of Operations and Maintenance.
• Participates in designing and maintaining safety regulations governing the operation and maintenance of the plant.
• Carries out strict adherence to implementation of safety & maintenance regulations.

6 Receives Policy Directives and properly interprets them.
• Communicates clear instructions to subordinates and makes them carry out policy directives effectively.

7 Formulates and submits to the Managing Director Workshop & Locomotives programs.

• Details known production utilization requirements of the branch,
• Details anticipated workshop resources, e.g buildings, services, tools, equipment, staff and labour.
• Details known availability of materials (direct and indirect).

8 Manages and motivates staff

• Participates in recruiting and developing staff who are capable of achieving objectives that are set for them,
• Creates conducive working environment for Department staff,
• Appreciates staff for good work done.

9 Prepares Workshop Plans & Control Programs.

• Specifies activity required to complete an order using modern planning techniques such as network analysis, etc.
• Supplies all direct and indirect materials, facilities, jigs, tools, etc. as and when required,
• Advises manufacturing / Works Sections to follow the schedules established by the above production planning function,
• Receives production progress advice frequently relative to instructions issued.
• Works closely with the Principal Industrial Engineer in connection with physical planning allocation.

10. Supervises Department Purchases.
• Monitors the quantity of materials, supplies, services and equipment required for the department, purchased items and services arrive as promised by suppliers promptly.
• Promptly obtains authority from the Managing Director for the purchase of equipment, furniture, materials , etc.,
• Works closely with the Principal Supplies Officer in respect of purchase and delivery storage

11 Maintains an effective Storekeeping
• Receives, safeguards, issues, and accounts for items required to manufacture a product from construction or building work, perform a service or operate the Department.
• Submits returns for material utilization to the Managing Director.

12 Maintains excellent Quality Control (Inspection)

• Establishes quality standards and acceptable limits of variation in the attributes of the Department’s products and work at stages of operations.
• Conducts quality control measurements and analysis.
• Establishes ways of preventing or limiting unacceptable work sub-assemblies or products.

13 Carries out an efficient & effective Plant Maintenance.
• Maintains buildings, facilities and utility services within the Corporation in safe operating condition, by establishing and maintaining planned maintenance system.
• Specifies or approves all divisional factory and office equipment installation.
• Facilitates the provision of electricity, water and similar services needed by the Corporation,
• Maintains specification and location records of all capitalized equipment in the Department.

14 Carries out sustained Material development

• Re-appraises and redesigns the Department’s existing products with respect to materials, appearance, performance and manufacturing requirements, to reduce costs and improve quality.

15 Maintains efficient Operations of Trains

• Issues speed restrictions for publication in the traffic notice.
• Promptly attends to accidents along the line and submits reports thereof.
• Assists in the calculation of line capacity
• Works closely with the Chief Traffic Manager on this problem.

16 Carries out Cost Accounting Planning, directing and measuring the monetary results of the Department’s operations.
• Prepares (in consultation with the Chief Accountant) planned budgets, performance standards or target costs for the Department’s activities,
• Records costs incurred in relation to work performed,
• Measures the actual results against budgets, standards and targets, analyses and accounts for variances.
• Investigates the causes of variances, and reports them to the Managing Director and takes the necessary corrective action by employing work-study personnel to reveal the causes of the variance.

17 Maintains high standards of Corporate Designs and Services

• Prepares engineering design and estimates.
• Enforces compliance of design standards and specifications,
• Approves all design and architectural drawings and liaises with appropriate authority.
• Carries out Estate rating and evaluation.

18 Submits Regular Reports, Returns and other Requisite information to the Managing Director

• Prepares and submits weekly, and monthly Operation and Maintenance reports, returns as stipulated and checks for accuracy,

19.Carries out any other lawful assignment allocated by the Managing Director.
• Cooperatives and readily responds to any adhoc tasks assigned.


• A Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering Discipline or it’s equivalent.
• A Master’s Degree or and any other postgraduate qualification in Mechanical Engineering is an added advantage.
• Registration as an Engineer & as a Member of Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) is an added advantage.
• At least 10 years working experience, with at least 5 years in a senior position in a large establishment, preferably in a transport sector.
• Skills in Computer applications particularly; Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
• Strong demonstrated managerial skills especially in decision making & handling big budgets.
• Capable of working under pressure.
• Ability to work comfortably with people of diverse cultural /ethnic settings, gender, and beliefs.
• Ability to delegate.
• Should be above 35 years of Age.

• An excellent Team builder & team player,
• Good communication skills,
• Must be keen on details,
• Good mentor & motivator.


How to apply

All suitable, qualified and interested candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience should send their application letters, curriculum vitae and copies of academic certificates, Transcripts, National Identity Card, appointment letters to the current job, together with one (1) recent passport photograph by email to: info@urc.go.ug . Kindly merge all your documents and send them in one attachment in word or PDF format not exceeding 2MBs.
Address to the Acting Managing Director, Uganda Railway Corporation and hand deliver to URC headquarters. The closing date of receiving applications is Friday 17th February, 2023 at 3:00pm.

• Only successful candidates will be contacted.
• Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.
• Beware of fraud stars.