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Consultant – COVOID

COVOID seeks to recruit a consultant to conduct a baseline study, “Empowering Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Kyangyenyi and Rugarama, Sheema District”

      1.0. About the Project:

The project focus on empowering survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) to fight GBV in the sub-counties of Kyangyenyi and Rugarama in Sheema District. The project will be implemented for 2 years (24 months) and will target survivors of GBV (rights holders) and duty bearers (traditional/clan and religious leaders, police, local government officials, LC officials, health workers, household heads etc) at both community and local government levels. The project will work with existing community structures such as VSLAs, and other solidarity groups such as Parish Development Committees and VHTs, among others, as an entry point into these communities.

2.0. Purpose of the study

To establish the magnitude of GBV in Sheema District to inform the design of interventions for its redress.

3.0. Objectives of the study

  1. To examine the extent of GBV in Sheema District, specifically in Kyangyenyi and Rugarama sub-counties
  2. To establish the level of women economic empowerment and participation in decision making at the household and community level.
  3. To assess the level of influence women vices have on strategic fora (district and sub-county councils, parliament etc) on women peace and security.
  4. To establish the level and modes of response of duty bearers and other community members to cases of GBV.

4.0. Scope of Work

The baseline study will be conducted between February and March 2022 in Sheema District in Western Uganda; in the sub-counties of Kyangyenyi and Rugarama, among others. The unit of analysis will include women and girls in households in the communities, and the other key stakeholders will include among others, the local government staff, health workers, LC 1 officials, traditional leaders, CSOs, police and GBV advocates in the district.

5.0. Study Deliverables

  1. Inception report, draft report
  2. Clean dataset etc.
  3. Filled indicator table with baseline values
  4. Final report (well written and presented as per study objectives).

NB: The report specifications should include the table of content, executive summary; description of objectives, methodology and limitations; study findings, conclusions, and recommendations (if any).

6.0. Timeframe and estimated working days

The assignment will be undertaken from 21st February 2022 to 30th March 2022, lasting a total of 31 working days from the date of signing the contract.

7.0. Submission of Technical and Financial Proposal

The technical and financial proposals should be submitted to covoidorg@gmail.com or covoidlimited@gmail.com by 18th February 2022.

CVs of key staff (lead consultant and associated consultant should be included in the technical proposal.

CLICK HERE to download the complete Terms of  Reference