Consultant : IT support services at GGGI Uganda


1) Introduction

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) was established as an intergovernmental organization with the objective of promoting sustainable development of developing and emerging countries including the least developed countries.  GGGI is dedicated to supporting the creation and diffusion of the model of economic growth known as “green growth”. The green growth model integrates economic growth, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and social inclusion. For more information:


2) Objectives/purpose of the assignment

To support GGGI Uganda with IT related matters to ensure it can function as a professional entity.


3) Proposed activities and scope of work per month


No. Item Category
1 Back-Up System Ensure that all GGGI’s staffs are backing their data regularly in cloud (OneDrive) and ensure that copies of existing GGGI important data on the user’s computer or server to the backup storage (External Disk / Tape Backup/etc.). Furthermore, support the synchronizing and use of SharePoint among GGGI Staff Members as well as explaining where necessary Microsoft Teams and its synchronizing. Experience with Microsoft teams events organizing is a plus.
2 Optimization System Setup Ensure existing systems and equipment such as laptop, printer, local area network and internet, projectors., etc., are setup according to GGGI IT rules and requirements, and support setup, review, and stability testing of hardware and software.

Basic preventative maintenance to IT equipment, both hardware and software systems. Ensure safety and security of all computerized data, information, files and documents.

Update existing systems according GGGI requirements, and to conduct stability testing for hardware and software.

3 Internet service management Operation, maintain and optimize the office internet services by ensuring a fast and reliable connection that can always meet the organizational needs. This will include communicating with the Internet Consultant (ISP) to ensure the high quality of service, following up on internet service SLA and escalation matrix as needed.
4 Servicing and routine check ups Perform weekly office visits to assess the status of user machines and fix any arising incidents and provide reports thereof.

Recommend maintenance service for hardware based on need.

Provision of additional services is a plus.

5 Re-build System/Factory Reset build and reorganize the system and/or conduct factory after analysing the problem and reset in case the system is damaged by accidental factors, data corruption, hardware malfunction.
6 Training and Coaching


Providing briefs and consultations to the computer operator, so the operator can operate the computer according to the computer operating procedure in good and right manners.
7 Virus Clean UP and Anti-Virus Update


Conduct Update Definition File Anti-Virus so that anti-virus can protect computers from virus attacks the virus either old or new, and also perform virus scanning and cleaning computers from viruses.
8 Technical Consultation


Provides consulting, analysis and advice in a professional manner for all things related to IT. This service will be provided both physically and remotely.
9. Technical Liaison


Support and advise the administrative engagement with the various IT equipment vendors on procurement and resolving any unforeseen tasks related to IT and the network as and when they arise.




4) Timetable

This assignment is expected to start by 1st January 2023 and for duration of 1 year up to 31st December 2023 (1 year). This will be a framework contract, so in case GGGI is satisfied, and budgets allow, the contract can be extended up to 24 months. After the 36 months GGGI will reconsider the arrangement.

The consultant will be required to have at least two scheduled office visits per month on Monday mornings before 13:00 as this is when all GGGI staff is in office and team meetings take place (so computers are available for repairs), which may include nationally declared non-working holidays. Additional visits may be requested by the GGGI. GGGI and the consultant will agree on the schedule on a three-monthly basis, if the Consultant is not available at the required day/time, then the consultant will give GGGI sufficient notice.

The Consultant may also be requested to offer virtual support. The capacity to provide 24 hours/7 days service solution especially after office hour will be highly considered.


The IT Team of GGGI based in Seoul, Korea will provide induction and support where needed and possible. Consultant needs to consider the time difference however (6 hours).


Please note that there is no reimbursement of travel costs, the Consultant is expected as mentioned twice a month in the GGGI office and the travel costs are included in the fee.


The consultant’s work progress will be monitored primarily through periodic review meetings, the precise schedule of which is to be determined based on consultation with the Consultant. The Consultant is also expected to submit a formal timesheet and upon request a progress report that includes activities and recommendation for IT solution. GGGI will provide a template timesheet.


5) Suggested Methodology

To facilitate a comparative analysis of the bids, we request bidders to submit a proposal with three different components:

a)      A detailed description of the proposed services and processes – In complying with this, it is recommended to present the services to be offered in accordance with the sequence and description listed in II. Statement of Work. Presenting a comparative matrix between what GGGI has listed as a requirement and what the IT consultant would be able to provide, will significantly facilitate the review and evaluation process.

b)     Other concessions offered – This should consist of valued-added products and services that may not have been mentioned/required in the Terms of Reference, but the tenderer is offering to GGGI and will add value to its services. This is optional but will be given credit if proven to indeed add value to GGGI’s activities.

c)      Competence of the IT personnel – This would require submission of the comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the IT consultant to serve the GGGI. The CV should only highlight the relevant work experiences, training and skills and educational background and should not be more than 4 pages.


It is GGGI’s preference to deal with trusted experts, in which a relationship can be built between the GGGI team and the service provider.


6) Qualification

An advanced degree in Information Technology or Computer Sciences, computer Engineering or any other related fields


7) Experience

a)      In case of a Masters at least 3 years’ experience / In case a Bachelor degree is the highest obtained degree, at least 8 years’ experience in trouble shooting, networking, hardware and software maintenance, good command of English both written and oral.


b)     Hands on experience in trouble shooting, networking, basic programming and relevant software applications

c)      Ability to provide consulting services on the complex range of issues related to the network and IT operational for GGGI Uganda and all GGGI Uganda staff remotely or directly in the User Level and System Level.

d)     Willing and able to guarantee the delivery of products and services in accordance with the performance standards required.

e)     Previous track record of handling services for diplomatic missions, embassies, or international organizations will be a strong asset.


The Consultant’s work progress will be monitored primarily through periodic review meetings, the precise schedule of which is to be determined based on consultation with the Consultant. The Consultant is also expected to periodically produce, upon GGGI’s request, a formal timesheet and progress report that includes activities and recommendation for IT solution.


8) Additional Information

  • Total fees: Up to  USD 3,600 (Depending on credentials)
  • Date to close is Korean Standard Time (KST). Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered Application. Cover Letter, and CV must be sent in English. A consortium, or a firm may not be engaged for the individual consultant assignment.