Post: Driver (01 position)

The Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration (IDRC) seeks to hire a suitable candidate for the position of Driver for the SEARCH SAPPHIRE study to be based in South Western Uganda. The Successful candidate will report to the Finance & Administrative Coordinator.

Job description

• To provide safe, comfortable and reliable transportation for staff. This includes ensuring
that safety belts are worn at all times, there is no smoking in the vehicle and that no
alcohol is consumed before driving
• To transport supplies to various destinations as required.
• To keep the vehicle in good mechanical and functional condition including but not
confined to regular fueling, servicing and cleaning of the interior and exterior.
• To perform regular preventive maintenance and minor repairs where possible.
• Ensure maximum security of vehicle and its accessories under your charge.
• Ensure safety of passengers and cargo under your charge.
• Monitor condition and performance of vehicle and promptly report to supervisor.
• Carry out minor repairs and adjustments on the vehicle and maintain its cleanliness.
• Take vehicle for servicing as per mileage reading and repairs as directed by your
• Submit monthly reports on vehicle movements and mechanical conditions using a
template provided by the supervisor.
• To ensure that all required documentation for administrative use such as mileage, fuel
usage and trip authorization tracking information is kept up to date at all times in the
prescribed manner.
• To ensure that all dues are met in good time and/or regularly renewed e.g. Third party
and Comprehensive Insurance, Parking Fees, Registration and Licenses.

Qualifications and other desirables for the job:

• Diploma or Certificate in a related field or O&A level certificates.
• Basic training in Motor-vehicle mechanics.
• 3-5 years’ progressive working experience in a similar setting with a valid driving permit.
• Should be able to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.
• Defensive driving certificate is a must.
• Experience handling sensitive project supplies, samples and information amongst others.
• Ability to work long hours and in a Team.
• Experience handling sensitive project supplies, samples, working in hard to reach areas.


Submit your applications using this link on the IDRC website:


1. All applications must be submitted through the IDRC website on or before 5:00pm, Friday 20th January 2021.

2. Submission of incomplete or inaccurate documents will render the applicant ineligible for consideration for the job opening.

3. Applications cannot be amended following submission.