Job Title: Driver

Organization: Watoto Church

Duty Station: Down Town

Watoto Church Ministries and Community Care has experienced exponential growth in the past couple of years composed of multiple Celebration Centres (Campuses) and diverse Community care initiatives that include; Child Care, Community and Neighbourhood, Education and FM Radio amongst others. In all of this, Watoto remains a local church, committed to celebrating Christ and caring for community.

Watoto is seeking to recruit a Driver to transport passengers and goods to designated locations safely and efficiently.

Key Duties and Responsibilities (but not limited to)

• To ensure that at all times the vehicle has the necessary documents permitting it to be on the road, such as insurance cover, third party license and log books including personal driver’s licences.

• To maintain a very high standard regarding the cleanliness and general appearance of the car.

• To monitor fuel refills at gas stations and ensure proper records are made for fuel card deductions by the gas station staff.

• To report any accidents and or damage to vehicles, however minor, to line manager and log them in the accident report form.

• To keep an accurate record of all vehicle equipment that may be within the vehicle.

• To perform general and regular daily checks on the vehicle to ensure the vehicle is in proper mechanical and body condition, thus road worthy and safe.

• To ensure that all emergency equipment such as car jack, spare tyre, wheel spanner, first aid box and jumper cables are all available in the car.

• To thoroughly inspect cars before long journeys to ensure the car is fit for the journey.

• To observe due dates for servicing the vehicles, consult and update your supervisor in advance to allow time to schedule it in.

• To adhere to the guiding principles spelt out in the code of conduct for drivers for Watoto Group.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience.

• The applicant for the role should have a minimum of an Advanced level Certificate.

• The applicant should have a minimum of 5 years working experience.

• Ability to drive in a safe manner according to local and international, knowledge of defence driving, basic traffic signs and regulations.

• Demonstrates ability to diagnose and fix simple mechanical problems and report major
mechanical problems.

• Excellent knowledge of the city and major motorways in Uganda.

How to Apply:

All suitably qualified and interested candidates can apply by visiting our website;

1. Website
2. Go to Apply for a job section
3. Under that, click on the link that reads; Apply
4. Fill out the form that will be open and submit after all sections have been filled.

DEADLINE; 8 February 2021.