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Employment opportunities at the Ministry for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Office of the President

The Government of Uganda (GoU), represented by the Ministry for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs (MKCC&MA), is planning to launch a new program to support special urban needs for infrastructure improvement – the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Urban Development Program (GKMAUDP), which will be supported throughout the implementation by a World Bank International Development Agency (IDA) Credit to the tune of US$566 million. The program support will be for a 5-year period, (FY 2022/23-2027/28), and will encompass support to urban infrastructure development, institutional strengthening and capacity enhancement, support to core Ministries related with these activities, as well as to program management arrangements and institutional strengthening.

The GKMA-UDP is designed using the Bank’s new lending instrument – Program for Result (PforR) whereby disbursement is linked to actual results agreed upon and realized on the ground. To mitigate any capacity risks, Government has decided to recruit a Program Support Team (PST) who will assist the MKCC&MA and the participating sub National entities in the implementation of the Program. The PST will be employed as Individual consultants on a two year renewable contract based on performances and composed of the following specialists:

1.Programme Coordinator

2.Procurement Specialist

3.Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

4.Finance and Accounting Specialist

5.Infrastructure Development Specialist

6.Infrastructure Development Specialist

7.Environmental Specialist

8.Social Development Specialist

9.Physical/Urban Planner

10.Communication Specialist

11.Local Economic Development Specialist