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Finance and Administration Manager – Uganda Child Rights NGO Network

Location :                                                      Kampala Office

Application Deadline :                                  11-June-21 (19:00HRS)

Type of Contract :                                         Service Contract

Post Level :                                                   ………………

Starting Date :                                              Immediately

Duration of Initial Contract :                        One Year (Extendable)

Application Procedure:                                 Executive Director


Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) is a coalition of child focused organizations including community based, national and international organizations working for the welfare and the rights of children in Uganda. UCRNN envisions a society where children’s rights are realized and exists to promote a coordinated action for the promotion and protection of children’s rights in Uganda.

Established in 1997 to spearhead the writing of the NGO Alternative report to the

Government of Uganda Report to the UN Committee of Experts on the Rights of the Child, UCRNN has over the years expanded its membership and scope of programs to include collective advocacy, research and capacity building.

The Network is currently guided by a 5 year Strategic Plan 2010 – 2014 with three interlinked strategic objectives; to collectively advocate for implementation of the rights and responsibilities of children, to collectively monitor implementation and promote understanding of child rights at all levels in Uganda and to strengthen the institutional capacity of the Network to fulfill its mandate. To date, the network’s core undertaking is monitoring and reporting on the commitments made by the governments of Uganda in the various legal frameworks and instruments.

Overall UCRNN has had two (2) strategic plans since 2004; the first strategic plan (2004 – 2009) focused on collective advocacy, monitoring child rights instruments, the network. This period also saw an increase in membership from the initial 30 to 106, and an increase the profile of the network evidenced by the confidence and demonstrated experience, professionalism, track record as a promoter of children’s rights, analysis and the credible agenda and its standing among child rights stakeholders both within the outside Uganda. Some of the key highlights include sustained engagement with government on key child rights concern, active involvement in mobilizations of child actors, profiling child rights in the national development agenda like the PEAP/NDP, creation of a vehicle for engagement with policy makers through the initiation of the Uganda Parliamentary forum for Children (UPFC).

The second strategic plan launched in 2010 continued to focus on; collective advocacy, monitoring and promoting child rights instrument and institutional development. The network gained prominence in providing leadership in setting the agenda on child rights in the country despite the changing socio – economic context, sky rocketing inflation and the increasingly changing operating context for CSOs and the growing debate around relevance of CSOs in Uganda’s development discourse. Both strategic periods registered a number of successes.

Job Title: Finance and Administration Manager.


Reports to: Executive Director


Responsible for:

  • Finance Officer
  • Administration Officer


Major Responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring efficient and effective management of the Network’s                        resources (including human resources) in accordance with the UCRNN policies and procedures.
  2. Ensuring smooth and sound day-to-day administration of the UCRNN

Specific Tasks:

  • Maintaining an appropriate, up-to-date and effective financial management system. This includes:


  • Maintaining proper and up to date books of accounts
  • Monitoring and reporting on budget performance.
  • Preparing and producing regular financial/accountability reports.
  • Ensuring timely requisition and disbursement of funds for the day-to-day activities of the organization as per the established guidelines and procedures.
  • Ensuring proper accountability for the organization’s funds as per the established guidelines and procedures.
  • Carrying out any other duties as might be necessary for maintaining and effective financial management system.


  • Maintaining a sound and effective human resource management system: This includes;


  • Spearheading human resource planning processes
  • Coordinating the recruitment of competent staff their orientation and professional development 
  • Instituting appropriate performance measurement systems
  • Ensuring timely staff remuneration and adequate welfare provisions in accordance with the organizational policies
  • Maintaining an effective disciplinary management and grievance handling system
  • Maintain up to date personnel records and ensure adherence to the organization’s terms and conditions of service.
  • Handling any HR related issues


  • Undertaking the day-to-day administrative functions for the organization including;


  • Maintaining a proper and up-to-date record of the organizations’ assets and inventories.


  • Ensuring timely procurement, storage and effective utilization of the Network supplies and consumables according to the established procedures and guidelines.


  • Ensuring proper maintenance (and where applicable insurance) of the organization’s assets/ facilities and coordinate their utilization.


  • Supporting the Executive Director and Staff in resource mobilizing by contributing to programme development and budgeting processes


Academic Requirements


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce or Business Administration specializing in Finance or Accounting
  • Professional accounting qualifications (ACCA and CPA) are preferred.
  • Formal Training in Human resource management required


  • At least 5 years’ experience as in Finance and accounting position at managerial level in an NGO context.
  • Demonstrable experience in human resources management and administration.
  • Experience managing finance and administration operations and reporting functions.
  • Demonstrable proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and accounting software (QuickBooks or Odoo ERP Experience 14).


Candidates should submit application to: Executive Director, Uganda Child Rights NGO Network and send to exec.director@ucrnn.net.

Please use subject heading: Ref: FAM-UCRNN.


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