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Organization details

The Agricultural Business Initiative Group is a social enterprise with the overall vision to contribute to ‘a competitive and sustainable agriculture and agribusiness sector in Uganda in support of equitable wealth creation in Uganda’. The aBi Group consists of two companies Limited by Guarantee; aBi Development and aBi Finance. The main focus of aBi Development is to increase agricultural production and value addition by extending matching grants and business development services (BDS) to agribusinesses, farmer organizations and intermediaries. The grants and BDS enhance planning and management, production and business infrastructure, and upstream and downstream market linkages of producers and agribusinesses. aBi Finance expands access to business finance for agricultural producers and agribusinesses by offering to Financial Institutions (FIs), financial incentives and infrastructure that make lending to the agricultural sector more attractive and less risky. Under the Financial Services Development (FSD) programme aBi Finance provides matching grants to FIs to build institutional capacity for enhancing the provision of financial services and increase outreach in rural areas. Job Purpose The Finance Officer – (Funding) is responsible for supporting the Grants Management Controller who oversees the financial reporting of aBi’s projects, ensuring that the financial performance of grants that are awarded to successful implementing partners is as presented in the application budget, and providing technical support throughout the grant life cycle/project. They work directly with the IP to train and assist them on uploading their financial reports onto the GMS and check the hard copy data brought in by the IP to support the GMS entries , as such they act in an audit and compliance capacity also. They also form part of the mixed teams which visit IP’s in the field to train and assess the financial control environment of the IP.

Number of vacancies: 1

Sector: Private sector


Knowledge, Skills & Competences
  • Proven ability to carry out performance measurement
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Considerable knowledge of principles and practices of accounting and ability to apply them
  • Knowledge of current industry trends in financial and business management (agribusiness preferred) •
  • Data management skills;
  • Integrity & Commitment
  • Learning & Capacity Building
  • Getting Work Done
  • Relationship Building
  • Thinking and Problem Analysis
  • Communication and Information Handling
  • Resource and Business Management

Area of Responsibility

  • To support the development of strategy, policy, and procedures; including the reviewing of risk management and supporting compliance to those policies
  • To ensure that the Grants Management System is being used effectively for precise monitoring of projects to ensure grant objectives are achieved
  • To ensure that staff and implementing partners involved in projects follow best practice in grants management
  • As a member of the Mixed Teams for Project Management, to carry out partner assessments and due diligence according to aBi procedures
  • To develop and implement strategies for bridging the partner capacity gaps that have been identified during partner assessments
  • To support risk mitigation, compliance by IPs with aBi procedures and grant agreements.

Action Steps

  • Map the budget in aBi’s accounting format; maintain up-to-date entries into the database of grantees, including the tracking system that provides frequent updates on fund-flows, reporting requirements and budget revisions
  • Support the use of learning and evidence to support decision making
  • Support IPs to upload into the GMS; update Navision with quarterly IP reports and other relevant grants information
  • Monitor and prepare accurate financial forecasting of the projects (disbursements and commitments)
  • Provide accurate and timely delivery of financial advice that ensure appropriate grant management decisions are taken
  • Contribute to the induction and training of new IP’s and provide procedural guidance to them on the application of aBi financial guidelines and grants management
  • Monitor the use of aBi funds by the IP for legal, financial, and program compliance by providing thorough and diligent oversight of hard copy documentation presented by the IP
  • Participate in the mixed teams to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the IP financial reporting systems; review the reports produced to ensure consistency and accuracy, and carry out financial analysis
  • Work with finance to generate reporting required for compliance and the annual financial statement audits and assist managers in drawing up budgets
  • Monitor compliance with best practice and taking assertive corrective action as required, reporting any difficulties to the GMC
  • Participate in initial application review and assessment giving guidance over financial viability of intended projects, reasonableness of proposed budgets and on associated risks
  • Provide support in undertaking due diligence assessments and review financial viability of new and existing projects while ensuring results and value for money; includes reviewing IP contracts before signing and confirming financial content is correctly stated
  • Ensure regular reviews and project completion reviews are carried out on a timely basis
  • Review partner capacity assessments in order to identify themes of common difficulties; liaise with account managers in order to develop plans and budgets for addressing key issues
  • Carry out research to understand and document best practice; oversee the roll-out of tools, training interventions, learning materials and other strategies which will improve partner capacity
  • Work with Mixed Teams to ensure that they have plans for developing the capacity of each partner on an individual basis
  • Build stakeholder relationships, developing positive IP relationships that strike the balance between holding them accountable and being supportive and coaching
  • Build a culture of compliance and conduct regular compliance checks with IPs
  • Instil culture of risk awareness & management with IPs; develop and oversee implementation of strategies for mitigating key business risks
  • Help IPs to prepare for annual audits & support them through the process
  • Conduct a quarterly review of accountability and advise Project Manager on whether to initiate payment

Success Criteria/Measures

  • Up to date disbursement tracker
  • Database of all projects detailing status (running, closed, pipeline etc) in place and up to date
  • Forecast analysis report is accurate and timely
  • Grant management financial guidelines are followed for each project
  • Grantee financial guidelines in place, updated and exhaustive in regard to aBi financial reporting requirements
  • Audit findings indicate appropriate use of funds
  • Only viable projects approved for funding
  • Projects approved for only IPs with sufficient internal capacity
  • Annual project reports submitted Partner capacity building plans in place and implemented in a timely and impactful fashion
  • Input into the delivery of useful learning materials / events for IP’s
  • Positive relationships established with IPs comply with regulations and grant agreement
  • Risk mitigation strategies developed and followed
  • Corrective action taken where noncompliance is found
  • First degree in Accounting and/or Business Administration
  • ACCA or CPA
Details of experience
  • 3-5 years post-graduation experience working in the finance environment of a donor funded organisation
  • Experience in using financial information systems
  • Experience in working for International Development Organisations, giving insight into Donor expectations and reporting requirements
  • Experience in training / capacity building managers in finance management
How to apply

All interested and qualified persons are strongly encouraged to apply online on www.futureoptions.org or by email: tracy@futureoptions.orgApplication and CV should be in one document and a maximum of 5 pages only, clearly indicating the Position Title in the email subject line. Deadline for submissions is Friday 10th July 2020 at 2:00 pm. Please note that only successful candidates will be contacted. Canvassing will lead to disqualification. Hardcopy applications will not be accepted.

Application deadline: 2020-07-10