Age Limit: 40 Years
Experience: 4 Years
No. of Vacancies: 1
Minimum Academic Qualification Required: Bachelors
## Qualification Code Qualification Name
1 BBA (FIN) B. Business Administration (Finance)
2 BCOM (ACC) B. Commerce (Accounting)
3 BCOM (FIN) B. Commerce (Finance)
4 B.ACC&FIN B. Accounting Ang Finance
5 BBA (ACC) B. Business Administration (Accounting)
Deadline: 30/Jan/2021



Establish and maintain financial and budgeting procedures while ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements as relating to Pride.


1. Ensure proper planning through preparation and monitoring of the annual budget.

· Prepare and communicate budget templates, growth targets and budget cycle.
· Analyze and consolidate all information submitted by departments and branches for budget formulation.
· Communicate the approved budgets to all stakeholders.
· Monitor the budget to ensure availability of funds for operations.

2. Oversee the preparation of Pride’s Management accounts.

· Verify budgeted and actual figure of various line items as well as review the accuracy of the amounts posted on the various expenditure lines.

3. Manage and monitor Pride’s tax and external loan obligations

.Compute, file and remit corporation tax
· Deduct, file and remit WHT
· Verify, file and remit relevant taxes i.e. VAT and LST, 10% Excise duty etc
· Verify reconciliation schedules and remittance of stamp duty
· Verify agreements to capture all terms e.g. interest rates, principal and tenure of the loan
· Verify postings in the general ledger and reconciliation schedules
· Ensure remittance of interest and principal.

4. Ensure efficient management of Pride’s fixed assets register

· Verify asset cost in the general ledger and ensure their registration in the FAR in all locations.

Review the general ledger and FAR to ensure that they are tallying (cost, depreciation and accumulated depreciation and also ensure accuracy of the system

· Oversee the physical verification of assets in all locations to ensure availability of assets as well as ensure that they are properly engraved
· Oversee the write off of obsolete and damaged assets upon approval by the Board

5. Manage all supplier payments through timely verification of all the payment documents to ensure timely and accurate payment of vendors as well as accurate statutory and regulatory financial reporting.

· Verify all payment vouchers and documents to ensure accuracy and that all necessary
· Ensure postings of payment on general ledgers.

6. Lead and manage the performance and development of the Finance Department staff.

· Participate in recruitment and selection of staff.
· Identify skill and competency gaps and recommend appropriate training and development.
· Monitor performance and carry out periodical performance appraisals.

7.Monthly update and verification of Right of Use Assets (Lease schedule).



· Bachelor’s in Commerce, Business Administration or in any other relevant/related field
majoring in accounting or finance.
· Professional qualification such as ACCA or CPA


At least 4 years experience working in a similar position or in a related environment