Job Description

Reports to: Head Flight Operations

Department: Flight Operations Department

Duties and responsibilities

  1. Aircraft Performance Engineering – In accordance with the Aircraft Performance procedures, research, calculate, and publish aircraft performance data for flight crew manuals and the flight planning system. Develop and manage systems for the collection, calculation, checking, storage, and publication of aircraft performance data.
  2. Support and use of all relevant manufacturer and third-party Performance Software. Including database management, program validation, and training of flight crew and operational support staff.
  3. Ensure that data is reviewed and updated as required. Source and review NOTAMs, MOWPs, and airport updates and assess for impact on operations.
  4. Fuel Analysis: Extract relevant fuel data and protocols from a variety of data management systems within the business. Monitor and report on the effectiveness of the fuel management systems in capturing and collating fuel data.
  5. Route Analysis – Prepare Reports and technical analysis of airport capability and payload analysis for requested routes. The preparation and analysis of data for new company routes as proposed by the Commercial department, requiring the sourcing, generation, and analysis of this data. Carry out technical inspections of airports and represent Flight Operations on all Airport Induction Projects.
  6. Aircraft Performance Monitoring – Develop and manage systems for the collection of aircraft performance deterioration data. Manage the update of flight planning databases to reflect individual aircraft.
  7. Aircraft Loading systems engineering – Assist in providing oversight of the loading system by way of database management, program validation, and training of flight crew and operational support staff. Preparation, analysis, and monitoring of weight & balance data used in the Load Control System.
  8. Documentation issue, review, and control – Assist in the development and authoring of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and quality assurance processes for the publication of aircraft performance and weight & balance related manuals. Ensure revisions for aircraft performance or weight & balance manuals and controlled documents are published on time and act as delegate controlling authority for these manuals
  9. Navigation data and documentation – Management and control of the content of the Jeppesen route manual packages issued to Flight Crew. Management and control of the Jeppesen nav data for the Flight Management Computer (FMC) on the aircraft.
  10. Legislative and regulatory compliance, Quality Assurance – Complete data verification and quality assurance in the implementation and ongoing use of Performance software. Carry out testing and fault diagnosis to a high degree of accuracy. Assist in the review, development, and maintenance of a system to provide for checking and approval of all performance data and weight & balance data prior to issue.
  11. Liaise with Flight Operations management, Engineering, Ground Operations, and Network Operations in the development of shared systems, procedures, and operational documentation to ensure regulatory compliance and efficiency.
  12. Liaise with relevant authorities, service providers, and aerodrome operators (both domestic and international) relating to aircraft performance, weight & balance, and aerodrome infrastructure issues

Qualification, Skills, and Competencies

  • A high level of understanding and experience in the interpretation of Legislation, Regulations, and Orders as applicable to aviation.
  • Aviation or Engineering related tertiary qualifications or Equivalent practical experience providing aircraft performance and weight and balance functions in an airline environment.
  • Familiarity and experience as an intermediate user of the MS Office Suite of applications.
  • A proven ability to analyze data in many forms and provide accurate and reliable advice and recommendations based on this analysis.
  • Familiarity with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) practices and techniques and familiarity with aviation operational & navigational documentation including Nav Databases and Charting.
  • Experience in the authoring process for airline technical and procedural documentation. Previous experience in an airline operational environment.
  • Demonstrated competency working in a flexible small team environment.
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal & written) in the English language.