Job Summary

To investigate incidents and cases referred to Forensics investigations & whistle blow upon Absa Bank Referral Policy., Assist in the management of all investigation-related budgets and assume responsibility for the day-to-day approvals within approved limits. Liaise with Governmental authorities to ensure that forensics investigation and whistle blow is kept abreast of the most up to date information/intelligence on threat levels and advice on reacting to them.

Review and investigate all incidents of a Security/ Safety nature and ensure that relevant Senior Management is kept informed.

To proactively manage fraud risk within the Global Retail & Commercial Banking by implementing & embedding the Group Fraud Risk Control Framework and policies, managing fraud losses within the budgets / appetite, ensuring fraud reporting standards are complied with; development of fraud risk capability in fraud management & investigations and pro-actively incept/lead fraud reduction, training & prevention initiatives across the country.



Job Description



Forensic Investigations and Whistleblowing

Time split: 60%


  • To undertake investigations into suspicions of fraudulent, criminal and security activities reported by Non-Financial Risk.
  • Provide an independent report for management to assist the disciplinary process and represent the bank in any related police and court proceedings.
  • Provide expertise and intelligence on fraud prevention, related risk management information and controls.
  • Liaise and work with law enforcement agencies, professionals and commercial organizations in this field of expertise
  • Develop training awareness courses, workshops, brochures and other material to alert employees as to the Bank’s policy on relevant forensic investigation topics.
  • Develop, implement and maintain the ongoing discipline and diligence of a Fraud Prevention Program based on policy and country trends.
  • Provide and manage overall training and coaching plans to the business to ensure early fraud detection and safety measures are being applied and adhered to at all times.
  • Liaison with Police, Government authorities and external fraud investigators to collate and share intelligence as appropriate, and to ensure that Fraud Management and the business is kept abreast of the most up to date information/intelligence on crime.
  • Write accurate, factual reports detailing investigation undertaken for review by management.
  • Undertake travel as required within the country/region.
Fraud Operations

Time split%: 30%


  • Work with Business to drive down actual and potential fraud losses. The Forensics Investigator must work closely with managers from other functions to manage fraud, for example:
    • Business or product managers who evaluate the financial impact of product features, terms and conditions that may increase fraud vulnerability.
    • Compliance officers who may be responsible for establishing and monitoring financial/process controls.
    • Absa investigative services (AIS) managers.
    • Business information security office managers responsible for information security.
    • Credit risk managers, to help reduce application fraud committed by legitimate customers who commit fraud with no intention to pay.
    • Operations managers responsible for implementing policies, processes and standards.
    • Internal audits, who may be responsible for process sampling to determine adherence to policies and procedures.
    • Any other areas that provide fraud fighting capabilities (e.g., credit/lending, underwriting, authorization, and branch network).
  • The Forensic Investigator must coordinate the efforts of all functions that contribute to fraud management to ensure the following:
    • Results are accurately reported.
    • Timely, revisions / modifications in strategies, processes, fraud management controls, and tools are made in response to change in fraud patterns.
  • In addition, the Forensic Investigator should:
    • Represent the bank in fraud forums.
    • Close monitoring of fraud customers to identify any new fraud trend.
    • Preparing unit reports.
    • Analyze the procedures and control.
    • Review and approved all fraud risk aspect of the product program.
    • Train, develop and manage fraud risk staff.
  • Conduct ongoing reviews of control processes (e.g., control process assessments, snap checks, cash spot checks)


Security Management

Time split%: 10%

  • Provide support to the security teams in planning and execution of deliberate security operations across Absa Uganda, including, for example, pre-election security contingency planning, high profile events and visits of High-Risk Personnel.
  • Provide security support in the management of immediate action response to rapid escalation security operations.
  • Provide support to the Absa Security teams in design and execute training exercises for selected employees particularly for contingency and evacuation plans.
  • Attend monthly or quarterly Regional / Country banking association risk management forums.
  • Establish and maintain relationships with law enforcement and intelligence establishments in country.