Mission and objectives

MONUSCO/MONUC was established in 1999 under the auspices of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations (DPKO). SCR 2277 (2016) requests MONUSCO to support efforts of the Government of DRC towards the protection of civilians, through a comprehensive approach involving all components of MONUSCO, including through reduction of the threat posed by Congolese and foreign armed groups and of violence against civilians, including sexual and gender-based violence and violence against children to a level that can be effectively managed by the Congolese justice and security institutions; and to support Stabilization through the establishment of functional, professional, and accountable state institutions, including security and judicial institutions. The project aims at a better understanding of the most serious violations of human rights law and international humanitarian law in DRC and supports the leadership of the Mission through informed policy and decision making on future vetting of security forces through risk assessment and mitigation, joint planning for MONUSCO operations, as well as advocacy efforts.


Assignment is with family (ENTEBBE)

Task description

Under the direct supervision of Chief Fuel Unit through the Fuel Operations Officer, the UN Volunteer will undertake the following tasks: • Keep accurate records of all receipts and issues of fuel products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis; • Measure and report stock levels of all fuels in tanks and fuel trucks by tank dips and meter readings; • Compile daily, weekly and monthly fuel balance sheets; • Ensure safety procedures are followed in operating the fuel trucks/fuel point refuelling equipment; • Ensure fuel is issued only to authorized personnel/equipment in accordance with mission regulations; • Report all anomalies in fuel consumption to the supervisor immediately; • Implement the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) on fuel quality control procedures; • Ensure daily testing of aviation fuels and ground fuels as per ASTM, API, IE and other international test methods; • Keep computerized records of all quality control tests conducted in the mission; • Prepare periodic reports on quality assurance issues; • Refuel mission and other authorized aircrafts as per the order document; • Monitor and report stock levels of aviation fuel from refuelled tank dips and meter readings; • Placing orders to vendors and coordinate receipt/issue of Petroleum Oils and Lubricants (POL) from vendors to delivery points; • Review and maintain all invoice and accounts records; • Monitor Fuel Turnkey contract and process invoices whilst overseeing the fuel operation. • Supervise collation and data entry of information into required databases; • When working with national staff or (non-)governmental counterparts, including Implementing Partners (IPs), the incumbent is strongly encouraged to set aside dedicated time for capacity development through coaching, mentoring and formal and on-the-job training; • Any other related duties as may be required.