Job Description

Reports to: Flight Operations Engineer

Department: Flight Operations

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Control and administration of Aircraft fuels records and inventory
  2. Working in conjunction with station managers and OCC to keep fuel inventory and delivery plans with operational requirements and demands.
  3. Working with contractors to ensure fuel equipment and systems are maintained and fixed in a timely manner to provide minimal operational impact.
  4. Ensure all aircraft have current fuel releases for all destinations and alternate Aerodromes.
  5. Systematic filing of daily, weekly, monthly, and annual aircraft fuel logs and receipts; and proper arrangement of aircraft fuel documents to make the location of documents easy.
  6. Processing of the information contained on the aircraft fuel logs as appropriate.
  7. Monitor and update fuel logs in the tracking system.
  8. Provision administrative assistance to the Flight Operations Engineer including compliance with the Company Fuel Policy.
  9. Recording of the aircraft fuel utilization.
  10. Receiving, capturing, and archiving all fuel-related Technical Information from the Engineering department and Aircraft manufacturer.
  11. Ensuring Fuel record Keeping is in accordance with the procedures and applicable retention periods required by Authority.
  12. Assist with fuel farm inspections including performing preloading and quality control inspections.
  13. Carry out any other tasks as assigned by the Director of Flight Operations and Flight Operations Engineer.

Qualifications, Skills, and Competencies:

  • University degree or Diploma in Records Management.
  • Aviation basic knowledge and experience in Flight Operations.
  • Computer literate with knowledge and skills in Record Keeping programs and software.
  • Ability to interpret Fuel Records.
  • Ability to understand Civil Aviation Regulations and Uganda Airlines Procedures.
  • Must be familiar with Aircraft technical terms.
  • Capable of communicating in English orally and written.