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Graphics and Layout Services Consultant – MU-JHU Care Ltd

Request for Quotation

Graphics and Layout Services Consultant

MU-JHU Care Ltd (MUJHU) is a non-profit, non-commercial entity, which supports collaborative HIV/AIDS, TB and related clinical and implementation science research with the aim of advancement of scientific understanding of HIV, TB and improved prevention and care with a focus on the improvement of the health and wellbeing of women and children. MU-JHU also supports HIV prevention, care, related programmatic services, and capacity building. We are seeking for a Consultant to develop our Organisational brand guide and document templates.


Terms of Reference


The Designer will liaise with the Communications Specialist to identify the organisational needs for templates and brand guidelines for different publications, reports and outputs prepared by MU-JHU teams. The Designer will produce drafts for the deliverables listed below for the Organisation and share them with the relevant team members for feedback.


In consultation with the Communication Specialist, the designer will finalise the style guidelines and templates in required and easy to edit formats. He/she will also include InDesign project packages of the approved templates. These will be in line with MU-JHU’s mission, vision and contribute to its branding and visibility. Upon successful completion of the deliverables detailed in these initial ToRs, MU-JHU may extend the consultancy relationship into a continuous arrangement for different future communication needs such as poster designs and banners for traditional and digital audiences.






1) Brand Guide

  • A Brand Guide (maximum 4 pages) document for the instruction on the overall look, feel and visual identity. A PPT that includes the following components: our mission and values, logos, colour palette, typeface, iconography and tone (Maximum 12 slides)


2) Style Guide and Powerpoint template


  • A Style Guide (maximum 2 pages) document for PowerPoint Presentations (PPT) that covers different presentation needs such as idea pitch, evidence/analysis presentation, organisational/methodological introduction and the like.
  • One PPT final template that includes the different slides, layouts, and illustrations to cover the needs identified in the Style Guide (Maximum 12 slides)


3) Branded Organisation documents templates


  • A compiled Style Guide (maximum 8 pages) document that expands the first deliverable to include templates for the organisation brochure, Event folder, narrative project report, event invitation, a project introduction leaflet and a policy brief that cover different outreach, dissemination and visibility needs, based on the conversation with the Communication Specialist, the relevant Directors and Study Leads.
  • Revision of the existing letterhead, Organisation ID and business card templates to align with the final designs.
  • Social media poster templates for Job advertisements, Procurement notices and event announcements.
  • Final templates in InDesign project files, editable .docx and .pdf formats (e.g. cover pages, layouts etc.) for each of the outputs identified above.


4) 2023 Calendar and social media poster template


  • 2023 Calendar design based on a discussion with the Communication Specialist.
  • Artwork template for 2023 National holidays/days of observance i.e. NRM Liberation Day, Janan Luwum Day, Women’s Day etc.) in standard dimensions for physical posters and social media platforms
  • Final template InDesign project files, with editable .docx and .pdf formats (e.g. cover pages, layouts etc.) for each of the outputs identified above.



Budget and terms of payment


  • Budget will be based on negotiations after reviewing the best-evaluated bid price
  • Payment will be made after each deliverable package.


Required qualifications and/or experience:

  • Minimum 2 years of public relations, graphic design and marketing experience
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • A portfolio of similar outputs to showcase previous work
  • A list of previous/current clientele from the previous 2 years, with daytime contacts.

How to apply

Your CV and portfolios should be emailed to Human Resources Office through the email hr@mujhu.org not later than 24th May 2022 by 5.00 pm. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.