Job Description

Reports to:  Chief Executive Officer

Responsible for:    Security and Safety Officers

Department:        Safety and Security

He/she shall must be acceptable to UCAA. The UCAA shall be notified within 10 days of any changes in the position.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing the SMS on behalf of the Accountable Manager.
  • Maintaining and updating the SMS manual as required.
  • Maintaining and managing the safety databases.
  • Revising and updating the SMS Implementation Plan.
  • Tasking managers with the responsibility of incident root cause analysis including taking corrective action to assist in closing incidences.
  • Management of an effective safety data and information protection system.
  • Performing and facilitating hazard identification and safety risk awareness and analysis.
  • Reporting all Mandatory Occurrence Reports to UCAA as per regulations.
  • Maintaining records and safety documentation and providing periodic reports on the organization’s safety performance.
  • Planning and organizing staff safety training and providing independent advice on safety matters.
  • Monitoring safety concerns in the aviation industry and their perceived impact on the organization’s operations or service delivery.
  • Coordinating and communicating (on behalf of the Accountable Manager) with the State’s oversight authority, and other State, and international agencies as necessary on issues relating to safety.
  • Being the focal point for coordinating any issues with the UCAA, other Company Safety personnel, and other safety organizations.
  • Facilitating and Coordinating Safety Action Group meetings and acting as the secretary to the company’s Safety Review Board.
  • Managing the training of staff in Safety Management processes and procedures.
  • Maintaining and improving an efficient Corporate Emergency Response Plan, including ensuring proper amendment of the airline’s Emergency Response Procedures Manual. Coordinating Emergency Response activities with internal and external entities.
  • Attending as an observer, at any Company inquiry into accidents, incidents, or operational matters concerning safety.
  • Publishing the periodic Company flight safety publications.
  • In conjunction with Safety, the Review board make safety risk tolerability decisions.
  • Assess Airline AVSEC processes, including evaluations, audits and inspections, to ensure the performance of contracted security service provider are in compliance with established security standards and maintain an internal quality control system and ensure that all relevant records are retained as required.
  • Prepares complete and concise investigation reports and conducts post-investigation tasks of security incidents and breaches affecting the Airline operations and provides guidance on the management
  • Contribute to building and strengthening the capacity of Uganda National Airlines staff by developing and conducting AVSEC quality control in-house training.
  • Collate, develop, analyze and disseminate information/intelligence on AVSEC occurrences, hazards, and other related matters.
  • Oversee and prepare accurate and timely reporting on AVSEC matters – e.g. AVSEC risk assessment/incident reports that enable informed decision-making and consistency of information that is presented to the Manager Security.
  • Provide support on new/current security equipment and technologies status for use in the Uganda National Airlines operations.
  • Monitor the implementation of Airline standard AVSEC operating procedures which encompasses global aviation policies and tools; thus, ensuring that Uganda National Airline objectives are accomplished in compliance with National Aviation Security Programme and ICAO’s Standards and Recommended Practices (ICAO/SARPS).
  • Establish and sustain AVSEC partnerships with key entities in the area such as airport government Agencies, Airline service providers, security agencies, and Airport authorities, to facilitate coordinated, suitable, and sustainable AVSEC measures for Uganda National Airlines operations.
  • Any other duties as required from time to time.

Desired Qualification and Experience:

  • A diploma or related work experience and/or training/courses in Safety management systems and security are a must.
  • AFRAA Advanced safety management systems
  • IATA Safety Management systems training
  • Senior security management course
  • An ICAO /Airline AVSEC/safety Supervisor‘s Certification – is added advantage.
  • Broad knowledge of diverse international Aviation security and safety practices and principles relating to Airline operations
  • Knowledge in investigative skills
  • Ability to prepare regular regional/station airline AVSEC/safety activity reports as required.
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to create clear, influential messages from complex data.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English language.
  • A minimum of five years of progressively responsible experience in investigatory work is required.
  • Experience supporting or leading one or more aspects of AVSEC/safety Operations or related quality assurance programs.
  • Experience in a regulatory Civil Aviation Authority or body as an AVSEC/Safety specialist providing advice on AVSEC/safety issues, conducting or performing audits, inspections, certification, incident investigations, crisis planning emergencies, and risk management in the regulatory framework.
  • Manage the AVSEC/safety-related risk preparedness process from aviation risk identification and analysis to contingency planning.
  • Experience in design and delivery of AVSEC/SMS training in airline operations context.
  • Customer-focused and hospitable.
  • Integrity.
  • Team player.
  • Proactive/results orientated.
  • Warm, friendly, pleasant & presentable.
  • Resilient.