• • Ensures that OHS management system is established, implemented, and maintained in accordance with OHS specifications.
    • Propose OHS policies and promote OHS awareness.
    • Conduct safety induction programs for subcontractors and in-house teams
    • Orientation all new employees on safe working methods and OHS procedures related to their work.
    • Identify sectional OHS training needs and ensures the appropriate development and implementation of appropriate trainings to meet these needs.
    • Abide by the OHS policies.
    • Monitor the flow of work to see if the team is abiding by the safe working methods (use of PPE, following procedure).
    • Suggest corrective and preventive actions in case of incident and shares it with the committee (CH, HR, Quality, Group HR). Makes sure that the decisions taken by the OHS committee are implemented.
    • Report and investigates incidents, injuries and hazards and implements agreed control measures.
    • Encourages the prompt reporting of hazards & risks.
    • Keeps up to date with developments in the OHS field including legislation, regulations, guidelines & best practices.
    • Strictly adhere to the established control measures.
    • Strictly adhere to the established safe working method.
    • Conduct JRA (job risk assessment) onsite and at the office.
    • Review the filled JRA.
  • Review the JRA activities and updates it if applicable.
  • Review the inspections onsite.
  • Inspects the offices for any hazard and risk.
  • Grant work permit (PTW) to subcontractors & in-house team to accomplish their activities onsite.
  • Get the SDS (safety data sheet) of the chemical products and makes sure related safe working methods are taken.
  • Conducts mock drills and documents the results.
  • Sets OHS objectives and Monitors its achievement.
  • Conduct safety audits, safety site inspection and investigation, compliance, and maintenance of relevant standards.
  • Issue PPE (personal protective equipment) to employees, train them on how use maintain, handle, discard worn out and replace worn out PPE.
  • Performs any other task as per management request.


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, Environmental Management or a related discipline.
  • A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in a similar role in a busy environment.