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Job vacancies at International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee is a global humanitarian aid, relief, and development nongovernmental organization. The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises and helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster to survive, recover and gain control of their future.

Open positions

1.Finance Volunteer ( Closing date: October 11,2022)
2.Safety and Security Officer ( Closing date: October 11,2022)
3.PRM Consortium Manager, West Nile and Northern Regions ( Closing date: October 11,2022)
4.HIV Counsellors ( Closing date: September 30,2022)
5.Prevention Officer ( Closing date: September 30,2022)
6.Ambulance Driver ( Closing date: October 03,2022)
7.Accountability to Affected Persons Manager – Gulu ( Closing date: October 04,2022)


  1. Comment:I’m a social worker with an experience of 7years in the filed with an organization that deal with HIV/AIDS care services,OVCS,EMTCT among others

  2. Comment: I love what am seeing,so I can say I do appreciate your work. Am interested in Health information assistant

  3. Comment:am interested in health in4matin asistant.i have certificate in environmental health science but how many post

  4. A Ugandan with Bachelors degree in Social work and social administration.I have working experience with children living in extreme poverty of 3 years.

  5. I Have a diploma in medical laboratory technology and certificate in laboratory quality management system,i have experienced of 6 years.want to be health system strengthening system manager

  6. its really a great opportunity… community client engagement officer is what am interested in. I have a bachelor degree in arts education with two years experience and two years experienced as a data analyst.

  7. IAM Certificate Midwife currently waiting for my results,l Just completed my exams in Dec 2020.and am willing to work as a Vaccinator or in any department.

  8. Am Saleh holding a degree in social work with 3 years experience in WASH Goal Uganda , interested in health social worker position thanks.

  9. I pursued a bachelors degree in Arts and social sciences. I sat for my final Exams in December 2020 and i am highly interested to work with you as a social worker. Thank you

  10. I a a product of IRC from Guinea refugee school. I highly comment your humanitarian bureau for the high level of vacancies and employment. Please continue this kind gesture. This is Philip Karim Kornor

  11. I need a job, I completed my degree at kyambogo University.
    Bachelor of Arts in social sciences
    Thanks for any opportunities

  12. am records officer looking for a job, i have certificates in medical records and information management thanks for any opportunities

  13. I am a diploma holder in Records and Information management and really love to work with you..if any opportunity given i would be grateful and do my best.

  14. I would like to work with ur organisation as a supply chain assistant,,I hold a bachelors degree in procurement and logistics management and contain the necessary skills

  15. Am Emmanuel etii a professional driver with class b and I also have national certificate in mechanics and I have much interest to work in your organisation thanks.

  16. Am Enrolled Midwife with three years of experience…
    I have applied overtimes but I can’t get any call from the organisation…is the advert real or to

  17. Am an enrolled nurse, having an experience of three years. Hope I qualify for this vacancy and already I have submitted my application.

  18. i am a grauate in my final year persued a bachelors deegree in socila work and social Administraton jus waiting for graguation it is a pleasure to be on this platform .am really intrested to work with you in case of any opportunity in my field am available thanks

  19. i don’t know which criteria they use to shortlist people however much you apply , am a graduate with Diploma in Information technology.

  20. God bless this organisation, am here working at a private clinic in Nyumanzi 2 refugee camp, Adjumani district as a full time clinical officer ( BCMCH) and according to my experience, there are a lot of challenges which refugees experience in all aspect of life. God bless all the organizations supporting the vulnerable people even if am not working for any, I greatly appreciate their work and I would like to render may service as a volunteer if there is any opportunity.

  21. I highly appreciate the work you do in Westnile in providing emergency health care to refugees. I would wish to be part of this great team if opportunity avails

  22. am a graphic designer but all my works (portfolio) were locked up in the offices due to country covid 19 lock down,advise me please.

  23. Am a senior Enrolled Midwife with a working experience of 3years , i would like to work with u because am too hardworking’ punctual at work and coperative

  24. I am a qualified enrolled midwife with working experience of one year. If my request meets your postive consideration, i will be great ful.

  25. I’ve normally applied with since the month of June but I’ve never seen the shotlist,, how can someone access the shotlist!?

  26. I did a diploma in clinical medicine and community health and would like to be part of this organisation in case of an opportunity.

  27. Dear RIC,, I have been yearning to be part of your team but all in vein. Applied more than 5times,not even appearing on the shortlist. I have certificate in ECN.

  28. I’ve tried oin several occasions but all I in vein
    It would be better if you guided me through to how to go through
    Am a driver with classe B, CM and CH ready to serve

  29. I have a diploma in community based rehabilitation specialised in person’s with special needs and entire community at large.am really interested in working with this team.from moroto district karamoja region

  30. am a driver by profession with both O” AND A” LEVEL CERTIFICATES and a would like to work with your organization once given an opportunity and i promise to work hand in hand as team work

  31. Am.much competent for the health information assistant and the M&E assistant too…
    Am.holder of bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics and ready and willing to volunteer or work with you under your guidance and supervision

  32. I regret applying for a position at IRC these days because after my contract ended mutually with the organisation, i have been applying but not been shortlisted.

  33. Am a procurement officer aged 24 ,has all ethe expertise in humanitarian logistics.l wish to join your team n we save lives.

  34. I am Norman and a graduate in the field of procurement & Supply Chain Management of Makerere University. I would love to work in your organisation as a stores officer.

  35. Is IRC conducting interviews,I apply several times but I didn’t get any response from them.let the organization adjust thier HR system.thank

  36. IAM a student nurse currently pursuing my nursing course in good Samaritan international School of nursing and midwifery lira and I have feeling of working with irc when I complete my course. Even during my holidays I do volunteer with irc health post imvepi refugee camp arua district I just like it

  37. Our work is to keep Applying its up to your HR’s department to see, review and evaluate our CVS as part of their roles and responsibility.
    Thank you
    Good Day

  38. I would love to work with International rescue committee as I have compassion to reach out to people with hard to reach out areas in whatever course, I did Diploma in Microfinance at Kyambogo University

  39. I hv applied to join IRC several times in vain and the same position is readvertized from year to year, even the web provided at times is too difficult to go through.
    I am beginning to doubt……..

  40. I am Namuju Margaret, qualified as pharmacy Technician (Diploma) any other option of sending my Resume and academic documents apart from using online? looking forward to joining IRC team.



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