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Job vacancies – MSI (USAID/Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability Activity, Uganda)

The purpose of the Strengthening Systems and Public Accountability (SSPA) Activity is to improve service delivery through strengthened accountability, deepened public participation and oversight, and reduced corruption within Uganda’s public service sectors. This will be achieved by improving leadership and accountability for results, strengthening the standards, reward and sanctions systems for public officials, challenging the norms, attitudes and behaviors that fuel corruption, and support citizen engagement to demand better services. The three main objectives of the Program are: i) Increased citizen voice, coalition building, and engagement with government to reduce corruption; ii) Key systems and standards enhanced in anti-corruption and accountability institutions at the national and sub-national level to combat corruption; and iii) Strengthened accountability processes within specific service delivery sectors, in particular natural resource governance in refugee districts and wildlife crime related corruption.

Open positions

1.Anti-Corruption Advisor
2.Civil Society Engagement Manager
3.Natural Resource and Wildlife Anti-Corruption Advisor
4. Deputy chief of party
5. Chief of Party


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