Job Purpose:
To drive trains on Main Line as directed by Senior Officer, Command and Control.

Principal Accountabilities
1 Carrying out inspection and supervision
• Satisfy himself that the locomotive assigned for a particular duty is rostered to carry out that activity is in proper working order, has adequate supply of all filing quantities i.e. fuel and water is ready at the time stated in the pertinent instructions.
• Be acquainted with the lines over which he has to perform his duties.
• Understand that he is responsible that is responsible for the operating department when his locomotive is out of the locomotive depot and must obey l instructions given to him by authorized employees of the operating department as far as the safe and proper working of his locomotive will permit.
• Give such assistance with a train locomotive in the formation, disposal, reception and dispatch of the train as may be considered necessary by the station Master or Yard Master on duty or Operational Control Centre.
• Before starting from the depot or locomotive changing station, set his watch to the correct time as given to him by the train assistant.
• Before putting his train in motion or commence or resume a journey from any point satisfy himself that:
• The locomotive is in proper working order.
• The locomotive has adequate supply of fuel and water.
• The instructions respecting the automatic brake have been complied with.
• Except in token less block sections , he must ensure that the “Authority to proceed “ or “license” he has been handed is the proper one and where it is a paper line clear tickets, it is properly made out and contains no alternation.
• He properly understands the OBC license and /or the paper line clear ticket and any warning order which may be handed to him.
• All correct signals have been given.
• Before putting his train in motion either from a depot station or any point where attaching, detaching or shunting has taken place, the locomotive driver should see to it that:
• The locomotive is properly coupled to the train including the connecting of the automatic horse break pipes and correct positing of the corks and in case of diesel locomotive working in tandem that control air pipes and jumper cables are properly connected.
• The break horse pipe on the float of the locomotive is placed upon the stop plug or dummy carrier.
• He is advised by the train assistant regarding:
• The number of units on and the gross tonnage of his train s
• The number of units of which the automatic breaks are not operating.
• Observe the position of points within his view and bring his train to a stop if they are incorrectly set.
• Start and stop his train smoothly.
• Regulate the speed of his train as per the standard operating procedure(sop) to ensure punctual running and while endeavoring to recover time lost, strictly observing all speed restrictions.
• Only permit persons, other than the locomotive crew, to travel on the foot plate in accordance with railway operations.
• Keep a good lookout while the train is in motion and frequently looking back to see that his train following in a proper manner
• Be on the locomotive the whole time when it is in motion
• Not leave his locomotive on duty, whether at station or on the line except in case of absolute necessity or only when a competent staff has been placed in charge
• Be especially cautious when visibility is restricted by fog, mist or other circumstances
• Never detach his locomotive from a train rake nor divide a train when brought to stop outside limits or on a gradient without advise of the train assistant
• Issue instruction to the train assistant in order to ensure quality and safety
• Supervises and evaluates train assistances performance
• Discipline train assistance in accordance with the disciplinary procedure

2 Coordinating with other Departments
• Liaises with other departments (Civil, mechanical ) departments in relation to provision of the required operating resources and support

3 Human Resources Management
• Advises management on manpower requirements, initiate and participate in the manpower development programmes for the Section…
• Implements performance management.

4 Carries out any other lawful assignment allocated by their immediate Supervisor.
• The jobholder is cooperative and readily responds to any ad hoc tasks assigned to him/her.


• A Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and training and certification in train driving .Must have had prior train driving experience.
• A Bachelorr’s degree in an Engineering discipline is an added advantage
• Ten (10) years’ experience in recognized Rail Transport organization, five (5) years in driving trains or supervisory role.
• A record of success in overseeing Staff productivity and Performance Management is necessary


How to apply

All suitable, qualified and interested candidates with the relevant qualifications and experience should send their application letters, curriculum vitae and copies of academic certificates, Transcripts, National Identity Card, appointment letters to the current job, together with one (1) recent passport photograph by email to: . Kindly merge all your documents and send them in one attachment in word or PDF format not exceeding 2MBs.
Address to the Acting Managing Director, Uganda Railway Corporation and hand deliver to URC headquarters. The closing date of receiving applications is Friday 17th February, 2023 at 3:00pm.

• Only successful candidates will be contacted.
• Any form of canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.
• Beware of fraud stars.