Salary Scale: (UWRSA Level 2)

Responsible to: Managing Director

Responsible for:- Statistician


To develop comprehensive and integrated Authority Plans, monitor and evaluate their
implementation and also perform the research and development functions of the Authority


1. Formulating, developing and coordinating Authority development strategies, plans
and budgets;

2. Prepare development proposals for the Authority projects.

3. Preparing and disseminating performance standards and indicators for the Authority
to users;

4. To coordinate the preparation of Authority projects proposals according to the
National Development Plan, Sector Development Plan and Strategic Plan of the

5. Providing Technical support to Departments in preparation and production of
Authority Development Plans;

6. Monitor and evaluate projects being implemented in the Authority.

7. Spearheading the review of the strategic and functional objectives to determine their
relevancy to the Authority Mission.

8. Guiding and coordinating the formulation of the strategic annual plans for effective
utilization of Authority resources.

9. Harmonizing the plans of the various functions and units of the Authority.

10. To undertake internal and external surveys to collect stakeholders’ views on the
services rendered by the Authority.

11. Offering support to strategic and operational decision making in the Authority
through collection, analysis and interpretation of Authority and externally sourced

12. Maintain a comprehensive database on the staff, students and other resources of the

13. Preparing the programme status reports required for management, Board and
Development Partners, budget reviews, program analysis, annual reports.

14. To operationalize collaborative mechanisms in planning standards with the National,
Regional and International organisations, MDA and LGs in the provision of the
Authority’s mandate.

15. Determining and reviewing Authority investment priorities;

16. Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating performance of Authority Development
Plans, Programmes and Projects;

17. Maintaining Authority Management Information System;

18. Development and maintaining an up-to-date database

19. Appraising National, Sector and Authority policies and aligning them for
implementation of specific activities and outputs

20. Producing minutes of the Technical Planning Committee.

21. Retrieve and avail statistical reports required by different Authority Departments and
other stakeholders.

22. To perform any other duties assigned by the superior officers of the Authority.



1. Should have a Masters degree in Economics, Statistics or Quantitative Economics
from a recognized institution.

2. Should have a bachelors in Statistics or economics

3. Should have demonstrated strong computer knowledge in relevant programmes.

4. Should have high integrity.


1. Should have at least six (6) years of working experience as a Planner three (3) of
which should have been at Senior Level in a public or reputable organization.


1. Should have good communication and interpersonal skills
2. Well-developed skills in Economics and Project Planning and Management
3. Well developed understanding of Government planning and Budgeting processes
and systems
4. Has a good grasp of government policies


1. Self-driven
2. Lead and work as a team to achieve desired results
3. High level of professionalism and integrity
4. Maintain High level of confidentiality

How to apply

Soft copy applications to be sent to  and . Or hand delivered to Kingdom Kampala/ 4th Floor Leftwing /Plot 31-39, Nile Avenue Kampala. Tel; +256 414 287190 / 256 80011522 (Toll Free)