Job Description

No. of Openings: One (01)

Reports to: Head Maintenance and Engineering

Department: Maintenance and Engineering                              

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Materials Manager will manage, lead and coordinate, defining acceptable resources required including premises (storage facility) and working conditions, and shall also be responsible for maintaining relationships with suppliers and subcontractors.

In addition, he/she will ensure the following:


  1. Developing an approved List of Suppliers by identifying Suppliers and having them approved by the Quality Manager and ensuring that procured/received items are from appropriately approved sources/suppliers that meet the Uganda CAA requirements and PPDU requirements and that the incoming release documentation meets the requirements.
  2. Negotiating with Suppliers for the best terms, seeking authorization from HME where necessary.
  3. Raising the necessary documentation for the procurement, handling, receiving shipping, etc. of aircraft materials. Such documentation will have complete and accurate information.
  4. Procurement, Custody, and Accounting for all components and materials for use on company aircraft.
  5. Monitor Supplier performance using a non-conformance report form.
  6. Proper management of the entire Stores System (i.e. Bonded   Stores, Quarantine Stores, Tool Store, Tyre Store, Inflammable Stores, etc.)    including control of stock levels by establishing stock re-order levels and monitoring shelf life of components i.e. Shelf life Control Register.
  7. Ensuring that before being stored, inventoried, and controlled, all parts arriving will go through the incoming stores where the Receiving Inspector will inspect them for condition and/or damage and compliance with the incoming documents, conformity to Purchase Order conditions, and if satisfied, issue Goods Received Notes (GRNs).
  8. Ensuring that all aircraft materials, components, equipment, etc. in Stores are appropriately tagged at all times.
  9. Regularly checking environmental conditions (i.e. Temperature, Humidity, etc.) under which materials are stored.
  10. Reporting to the Quality Manager any discrepancy discovered during Goods Inward Inspection (i.e. Documentation, Unserviceability due to manufacturing defect, or transportation damage, inadequate quality control during repair or overhaul, deterioration or contamination of items, etc.).
  11. Implement corrective measures resulting from monitoring by the quality system
  12. Implementing the safety, human factors, and quality policy in connection with the respective managers.
  13. Constantly updating the materials and stores software and producing monthly reports for the head to sign off and ensure reconciliation with the finance department for financial reports.
  14. Monthly and end-of-year stock-taking and ensuring accurate balances for reporting.


Qualifications/Skills/ Competencies:

  • An honors Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized university majoring in Material & Stores Management or Procurement & Logistics Management.
  • Equivalent working experience of at least 3-5 years in Aircraft maintenance and logistical services provision