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MlifeInsider login – Full login information

MlifeInsider is an employee portal available to anyone who is currently employed by MGM Resorts. It was designed to make it easy for new employees to book discounted hotel rates, check work schedules, manage benefits plans and view past and current payslips.

To access and use the MlifeInsider program, you will need to go online by visiting www.mlifeinsider.com and logging in with your employee credentials.

How to log in to my MlifeInsider account?

To access your MlifeInsider account, go to www.mlifeinsider.com. The page will re-direct to the Okta login page at: https://mgmresorts.okta.com.

The login page requires a username and password. Your username is your employee ID.

The password is the same you would use to access your employee account online.

Login here >>

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