Job Title :Molecular Laboratory Technologist

Duty Station : CPHL Butabika -Kampala

Duties Brief

1. Sample reception, organization and archiving
2. Upload and move samples in Sample Data Base
3. DNA extraction
4. Quantitative PCR for determining Plasmodium parasite density
5. Paragon library preparation and sequencing
6. PCR genotyping for MSP-1, MSP-2 and PolyA to determine recrudescence and reinfection
7. Preparation of amplicons for K13 sequencing
8. Automated capillary electrophoresis for fragment analysis of MSP-1, MSP-2 and PolyA amplicons using QIAxcel advanced instrument
9. Perform multiplex luminex assays and ELISA for malaria and other infectious diseases of public health importance

Qualification Required

1. Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology.
2. A Master’s Degree in Molecular biology will be an added advantage.
3. At least two years of working experience in a malaria genomics setting with competence in paragon library preparation and sequencing.
4. Good communication and scientific report writing skills.
5. Possession of a valid practicing license.
6. Valid GCLP certificate.
7. Good communication & interpersonal skills as well as a flexible attitude.

Deadline: 9/22/2023