Old Mutual is a prominent financial services provider in South Africa, with a rich history dating back to 1845. The company offers a wide range of services, including insurance, banking, investments, and loans. As a key player in the financial sector, Old Mutual is committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals while providing employees with rewarding career opportunities.

Current Job Openings at Old Mutual

Old Mutual regularly posts job openings across various functions, catering to a wide range of skills and expertise. Here are the primary categories in which you can find job opportunities at Old Mutual:

  1. Sales and Marketing: Positions in this category focus on promoting Old Mutual’s financial products and services, engaging with customers, and driving sales growth.
  2. Finance and Accounting: Roles in finance and accounting involve managing financial records, preparing reports, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.
  3. Customer Service: This function is dedicated to providing support to clients, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a positive customer experience.
  4. Information Technology: IT positions include roles related to software development, systems analysis, cybersecurity, and IT support that help maintain the technological infrastructure of the company.
  5. Risk Management: Jobs in risk management focus on identifying potential risks to the organization’s assets and operations and developing strategies to mitigate those risks.
  6. Human Resources: HR roles involve recruiting talent, managing employee relations, overseeing training programs, and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

As of July, 2024, Old Mutual has several job vacancies across various departments.

To explore these job openings further or apply for a position at Old Mutual, you can visit their official careers website where they regularly update their listings based on current needs.

Application Process for Old Mutual Jobs

Applying for a position at Old Mutual involves several straightforward steps:

1. Visit the Old Mutual Careers Website : Start by navigating to the official Old Mutual careers page . This site lists all current job openings and provides detailed information about each role.

2. Create an Account or Log In : If you do not have an account, you will need to register by providing your email address and creating a password. If you already have an account, simply log in.

3. Search for Job Opportunities : Once logged in, use the search function to find jobs that match your skills and interests. You can filter results based on location, job type, and other criteria.

4. Review Job Descriptions : Click on any job title that interests you to view its details, including responsibilities, required qualifications, salary information, and application instructions.

5. Submit Your Application

When you find a suitable position:

  • Click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill out the online application form with accurate personal information.
  • Upload required documents.

6. Complete Any Required Assessments : Some positions may require candidates to complete assessments as part of the application process.

7. Track Your Application Status : After submitting your application, you can track its status through your account on the Old Mutual careers website.