The Parliament of South Africa is the legislative branch of the government in the country. It consists of two houses, the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, which work together to represent the people, pass laws, and oversee the work of the executive branch. As with any large organization, the Parliament of South Africa requires a diverse range of staff to support its operations. This includes administrative staff, researchers, legal experts, communications professionals, and many others.

Recruitment Process 

Recruitment at the Parliament of South Africa is typically done through a formal process to ensure transparency and fairness. The institution aims to attract qualified candidates who are committed to public service and upholding democratic values.

Open Jobs at the Parliament of South Africa

Job openings at the Parliament of South Africa can range from administrative positions to specialized roles in areas such as law, research, communications, and more. These positions may be on a permanent, temporary, or contract basis depending on the specific needs of the Parliament at any given time.

To find out about current job openings at the Parliament of South Africa, interested individuals can visit the official career website of Parliament . The platform often lists vacancies within the Parliament and provide detailed information about job requirements, responsibilities, and application procedures.

Online Application Process

Step 1: Register Your Profile on the iRecruitment System To apply for jobs at the Parliament of South Africa, interested individuals need to register their profile on the iRecruitment System. This system is used to manage employment opportunities and vacancies within the Parliamentary Services Administration.

Step 2: Update Personal Information and Upload Required Documentation After registering, applicants should update all required personal information, work experience, and upload necessary certified supporting documentation. This includes a certified copy of ID, certified copies of academic qualifications, CV, and any other relevant documents.

Step 3: Apply for Positions of Interest Once the profile is updated and saved, applicants can proceed to apply for specific positions advertised by following the instructions provided in the job listing.