Job Summary: 

The process worker will work with the production and assist in smooth running of work in the production processing Areas.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Assist with production line in factories.
  • Monitor flow of product into processing machinery
  • Feed or place items onto equipment/machines for processing.
  • Measure and pour ingredients.
  • Ensure conformance to specifications.
  • Mix ingredients.
  • Read and interpret gauges.
  • Record data.
  • Transfer finished products to finished goods store.
  • Pour materials into hopper of the Injection Mould Machines.
  • Take instructions from supervisors.
  • Assembling products and parts.
  • Finalizing and packaging products.
  • Monitoring the assembly line and removing faulty products.
  • Report on defective products or machinery

Skills and Qualifications

  • Previous experience as a production worker or similar role in a warehouse
  • Good understanding of how production equipment works
  • Ability to detect potential problems with machinery
  • Knowledge of basic safety rules and precautionary measures  (safety gear will be provided)
  • Ability to lift heavy loads and transfer them manually
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • High School Certificate is preferred.