With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.


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Key Responsibilities:

Back ground


World Vision Uganda (WVU) is a Christian relief, development and advocacy non-government organisation dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. We currently work in 53 districts and have 48 Area Programmes implementing projects in health & nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene (WASH), livelihoods & resilience, education and child protection. World Vision (WV) is committed to the protection of children and adult beneficiaries from exploitation and abuse and will not employ people whose background is not suitable for working with these beneficiaries. All employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of all applicable background checks, including criminal record checks where possible.

Due to expansion in scope of our programmes, we are now seeking for a qualified and passionate individual willing to share in our vision and join the team in the following role.


Position:          Project Officer Resilience and Livelihoods

Report to:        Area Programme Coordinator

Location:         Kyalulangira Area Programme, Rakai District


Advert Start Date:    16th August 2023

Advert End Date:      22nd August 2023


Purpose of the position:


To implement field level Resilience and Livelihood programmatic activities in line with targets and partnership standards in a manner that contributes to sustained and improved child wellbeing.


Key Outputs/Responsibilities.


1. Quality Planning, Implementation and reporting of Project interventions in line with approved designs and AOPs/ DIPs.

•    Support project scheduled assessments, evaluations, monitoring and designs.

•    Facilitate and participate in the development of project design documents i.e.  AP Area Operation Plans/ Detailed Implementation Plans

•    Gather and analyze community perspectives, and prepare annual work plans and cash flows.

•    Generate ideas for concept papers and proposal development for non-sponsorship fundraising.

•    Mobilize and facilitate the engagements of stakeholders during planning and development meetings, workshops and other fora

•    Facilitate and Monitor implementation of planned activities and progress achieved by the project in the Cluster.

•    Organize community project and resource mobilization for planned activities

•    Integrate cross-cutting themes that include gender, HEA, RC inclusion, disability, DRR, CP, Youth RCs and advocacy
•    Integrate with VFU in implementation of joint activities of deepening financial inclusion to the most vulnerable households in the APs through provision of affordable loan funds for S4T groups aimed at improving household incomes for well-being of children and families.


2.    Mobilization of Households, local organizations, local government, and Private sector for effective project implementation.


•    Innovatively support communities including Registered Children’s (RC) households to participate in sector interventions

•    Mobilize Households into household clusters, S4Ts, Producer groups and other institutions for integrated programs and effective program delivery

•    Sensitize Communities to own project interventions through shared-roles for attainment of sustainability.

•    Develop and implement a sustainability plan together with key stakeholders

•    Strengthen government institutions and technical staff in planning and implementation of project plans.

•    Mobilize grassroots organizations, Faith Communities and other civil society organizations to ending violence against children

•    Participate/represent World Vision Uganda in the sector review meetings both at community, sub county and district level

•    Compile issue reports and position papers for sharing with relevant stakeholders at sub county and district level.


3.    Coordination and capacity building 


•    Provide technical guidance in needs assessment and facilitate capacity building for community structures and/or partners in accordance with developed capacity building plans/strategies.

•    Follow-up and support trained community structures (HH Clusters, S4T groups, Producer groups) to ensure functionality

•    Develop and update database of trained stakeholders’/ community structures periodically

•    Ensure application of standard monitoring and evaluation tools in project implementation.

•    Organize community learning and reflection forums involving local government, CSOs, FBOs, NGOs, private sectors and other relevant technical personnel and ensure actions developed are implemented and reported on.

•    Provide on-site and technical hands on support to partners for effective service delivery.

•    Coordinate and engage with partners/relevant stakeholders and local authorities in building relationships and consensus on project interventions.

•    Support local government in formulation and implementation of ordinances and bye-laws on project issues.

•    Organize community dialogues/barazas/gatherings/engagements between partners, local government, communities and children

4.    Functional strategic partnerships and advocacy at local level. 


•    Strengthen local level strategic partnerships with local government, cultural bodies, faith based institutions, other NGOs and private sector in support of child well- being.

•    Follow up and monitor implementation of commitments in the signed MOUs/Agreements with partners

•    Strengthen Technical Programme interventions in household clusters

•    Include children in decision making during projects/programme designs, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

•    Represent World Vision at project stakeholder meetings at the household cluster, community, sub-county, district level

•    Support implementation of National campaigns “It Takes a World” to address child well -being issues.

5. Strengthen Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, Documentation and Reporting 

•    Ensure TP results are measured by outcomes/output indicators
•    Ensure Semi-annual and annual TP reporting captures adequately impact of child well-being

•    Ensure creation of TP specific centres of excellence

•    Provide technical guidance in conducting planned project research, and ensure quality documentation of outcomes/best practices for sharing at the project/district and national levels.

•    Monitor progress of project interventions against plans within the Cluster.
•    Organize community review, reflection and learning forum for project with staff and partners
•    Documentation of best practices and success stories
•    Creation and update of project data bases
•    Participate in development of Information, Education, and Communication (I.E.C) materials for projects
•    Ensure quality and timely documentation and sharing of core project models progress
•    Produce timely and quality monthly, bi-annual and annual reports.

6.    Compliance to performance standards and management.


•    Integrate/Collaborate with other sector project officers/APC/Cluster Meal officers/SOOs for efficient programme delivery
•    Ensure pro-active and strategic engagements with different structures at community, sub-county and district level for quality delivery of project models
•    Project financial and asset resources are managed and used in line with policy guidelines.
•    Provide accurate and timely variances explanations on project over and under expenditures
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in agriculture/agribusiness or relevant field
  • Minimum of 1 years relevant experience
  • Minimum of a diploma in agriculture or agribusiness or any other relevant discipline.  Minimum of 2 years’ experience in community work and engagement Agricultural, Economic Development and  Livelihood
  • Entrepreneurship, micro finance  and strong agribusiness skills
  • Computer literate
  • Writing and reporting skills
  • Networking and influencing skills
  • Ability to communicate in applicable local language(s)
  • Passion for children.
  • Track record demonstrating high integrity, reliability and dependable
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only