Job Summary                    

Responsible for ensuring all products produced meet the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance. Promoting personal safety and that of others, and protecting the environment through following guidelines and implementing them.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for ensuring all products produced meet the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance.
  • Works in Liaison with different supervisors to ensure the implementation of GMP’s and GHPS’s around the company Offices, production area, Laboratory and stores.
  • Ensures in process inspection and OPRP Monitoring.
  • Effectively Oversees the Dough mix and cream paste preparation procedure to ensure conformity.
  • Monitors the oven temperature and Baking time effectively.
  • Implements SOP’s in the Biscuit & Plastics Plant.
  • Prepares and updates product safety checklist
  • Effectively monitors biscuit packaging process and reports any non-compliances.
  • Following of procedures and policies for 100 % traceability of materials and products.
  • Sampling and parameter checks/ dimensional analysis at regular intervals on various products using standard operation procedures and high analytical equipment for
  • Sampling accurately prepared samples and conduct routine food microbiological analysis on raw material, semi-finished and finished products daily as scheduled per standard operating procedures like syrup preparation, dough mixing, baking and packaging.
  • Reception, hygienic checks and sampling of raw materials used in production area for plastics.
  • To carry out routine verification of quality assurance programs and conduct quality trainings on HACCP principals, ISO 22000:2018 & ISO 9001:2015.
  • Preparation of laboratory requests for reagents and present requests for replacement of supplies required.
  • Carryout of analytical procedures using standard analytical methods especially ash and moisture content for nutritional value and moisture content respectively, instruments and protocol.
  • Validation of the quality assurance records like online moisture content analysis, average online weight determination and analysis, raw material weighing control and flour sieving / checklist.
  • Drafts Production Quality Reports on a daily basis in regard to the quality measures in the biscuit & plastics plant and submits to the Managing Director & Production Manager.
  • Any other duties assigned.

    Skills and Qualification

  • The applicant should be a computer literature with a good experience in industrial quality control and assurance.
  • Hands-on experience in Plastics (Preforms, Caps, shrink and stretch film) manufacture and injection molding technology, product assessment, ERPnext system, validation and product traceability is highly preferred.
  • The applicant should be competent in ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 for quality systems and food safety management, and ISO 17025 for calibration
  • He/she should be a self-motivated individual, a critical thinker with strong analytical and quantitative skills.
  • Excellent knowledge in Formulation chemistry, Quality Control and Assurance, and HACCP principles, process description, hazard analysis and control
  • Adequate basics in Occupational safety and health, safe chemical handling, 6S, good laboratory practices and good manufacturing
  • Knowledge in statistics/ presentation of information, qualitative, quantitative analysis and analytical

Qualification: Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences, Laboratory Sciences, Chemistry, Food Science and Technology or any other related field from a recognized university.  1-2 Years working Experience is preferred.