The main keys responsibilities:

  • Manage all day-to day fridges operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards
  • Ensure a service plan for the existing fridges/coolers in details for a maximum of twice a year
  • Ensure a service plan for new fridges/coolers(twice/year)
  • Identify staff needs and respond proactively to all their concerns
  • Assure an appropriate training plan for the technician’s theory and practical especially regarding safety and health matters
  • Develop a clear process how to train by ensuring health and safety for personnel
  • Be responsible for history of fridges maintenance and keep records and follow up periodically
  • Is responsible for all the dates related to fridges (identify/repairs/maintenance/locate/etc.…)
  • Work on ensuring an ERP system for tracking purpose
  • Perform routine and random visits to the field. Supervise, report and suggest for amelioration
  • Make analysis for the team (competencies/ reliability/belonging etc.…) and help for their progress when needed.
  • Control fridge’s misuse, inform and report about any discrepancies
  • Develop management operations for spare parts and keep records and track for each repair with related and respective actions and expenses.
  • Ensure an appropriate route plan to accomplish his mission and the mission required
  • Develop a procedure for fridges based on guidelines (rules and regulations) how to handle condition and maintenance
  • Report weekly and monthly with appropriate statistics when needed about the flow of operation related to the field of the fridges/coolers
  • Advise on new technologies and updates he is aware, or he face in the market
  • Always needs to be fair and firm by applying his technical skills in a leadership concept towards the technicians
  • Performs any other tasks as per management request

Minimum Requirements:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in an Engineering field or related discipline
  • A minimum 2+ year experience in field of refrigeration service
  • Must know two-wheeler driving
  • Must have a valid driving/motor cycle license/ permit.
  • Ability to drive and deliver set results