Country: Uganda

Location: Uganda/Rwanda/Kenya

Starting date: 01/03/2021

Duration of the mission: 36 months

Closing date for applications: 07/02/2021

Posting reference:  -HBA-01-21-6196


“Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity”

Humanity & Inclusion (HI) is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in more than 60 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.
The HI network is an organisation made up of a Federation (with 2 operational HQs in Lyon and Brussels), 8 national associations (Germany, Belgium, Canada, United States, France, Luxembourg, United Kingdom and Switzerland) and the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action. All these entities work concertedly to implement HI’s international aid and development mandate.

The Federation is responsible for implementing the network’s social missions in around sixty countries. It operates under the names “Humanity & Inclusion” or “Handicap International” depending on the country.
HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.
For further information about the association:

Reporting to the Regional Programme Director, and in collaboration with HQ services, the Regional Finance Manager ensures the efficient management of the financial strategy and resources for the Regional Programme. S/he is the point person for the Regional Programme Director, and as such informs him/her of any problems and suggests solutions within his/her scope of responsibility. The position can be based in any of the three countries comprising the region.

The regional programme hub is based in Kampala, Uganda. Currently, the Regional Director and the structure of the regional office, including the regional positions will be progressively set up. The Regional Finance Manager will be one of the first positions created due to the importance of developing and driving the regional finance set up and standards throughout the region, but also because of the technical support required by the missions.

The Regional Finance Manager will drive the Finance set-up of the new region, responsible for setting up the standard systems, procedures and policies and accountabilities for the regional structure, as well as ensuring the countries in the regional program are aligned to the new structure, with the requisite training and coaching of the finance staff to ensure efficient functioning. The Regional Finance Manager will also be responsible for donor compliance and accountability systems across thee region.

As part of the re-organization, the Regional Finance Manager will also be expected to oversee the Finance Department for the Mission where he/she is based. Management of the team, ensuring strong compliance of systems and procedures, and training of the finance staff will be a requirement. Furthermore, improving the project management as it relates to project and operational budgets in support of the field activities will be a key responsibility of this position.


1. Missions

Strategy and steering

• STRATOP : contributes towards the drafting, revision and implementation of operational strategy (stratop) within his/her scope of responsibility;
• RISKS: produces and updates the risk map covering his/her scope of responsibility; proposes and implements risk mitigation measures;
• INCIDENTS: contributes to incident reporting within his/her scope of responsibility;
• INDICATORS: produces, compiles and analyses dashboard data;
• REPRESENTATION: represents HI externally on financial matters concerning his/her geographical area (e.g. forums, operational and strategic alliances); ensures the development of local partnerships necessary to the development of his/her area of activity.

2. Standards and Accountability

• STANDARDS: ensures respect and application of HI standards for the whole of his/her professional sector, with regard to policy, processes and tools
• LOCAL ADAPTATION: adapts and contextualises these standards according to specific local characteristics

• INTERNAL CONTROL: oversees internal control for his/her whole area of responsibility;
• ACCOUNTABILITY: guarantees compliance with and application of institutional donor rules on all the projects implemented within his/her scope of responsibility.
• In this respect, the Finance Manager is particularly vigilant with regard to:
o the application of local rules, especially tax & accounting rules (accounting/taxation/registration/currencies, etc.), in liaison with the different interlocutors, and identifies any risks;
o administrative and financial analyses when signing a new partnership contract.

3. Operational finance management

3.1. Guarantees the production of financial information and dashboards in a timely manner; coordinates the annual financial calendar and helps programme staff with the financial steering of the programmes; identifies risks and recommends actions for mitigating these risks
• Oversees the construction of the programmes’ budgets, funding schedules and accounts production within the established deadlines, while ensuring compliance with HI’s budgetary and accounting frame of reference (tools, structure, etc.);
• Produces the financial memos necessary for the financial steering of the programmes and identifies risks by putting in place dashboards, KPIs, etc.; contributes to operational strategy;
• Makes recommendations on how to optimise the unrestricted funds budget allocated to the programmes, and carefully monitors coverage of office and support costs by his/her programmes’ financing;
• Formalises processes and monitors the proper functioning of the management tools under his/her responsibility, identifying and handling any problems or sticking points
• Constructs and coordinates the annual financial calendar (budget – revision – closing) with the different staff concerned and ensures compliance with the frame of reference and deadlines;
• Steers the programmes’ cash-flow requirements
3.2. Ensures the implementation of donor guidelines and compliance with donor requirements; oversees the monitoring of funding from the request stage through to end-of-contract, controlling risks and ensuring compliance with deadlines
• Oversees the drafting of project funding proposals to be sent to institutional donors in support of the programmes;
• Guarantees the production of the reports required by donors and ensures they are audited if required, prioritising as necessary and verifying their conformity with donor guidelines;

• Monitors the rate of spending on funding contracts and anticipates any problems with his/her interlocutors ( amendments, NCEs);
• Ensures the quality of funding contract information in the donor database;
• Guarantees the smooth running of audits by producing any information requested.

4. Professional Channel development

Leads the professional development of the finance sector within his/her scope and helps to do so for the organisation as whole
• Contributes towards the professional development of the finance sector globally (community of practice)
• Develops a pool of local talent (carries out technical interviews with the candidates and formulates recommendations; identifies training needs)

5. Emergency Preparedness and Response

Is responsible for providing appropriate support to emergency responses occurring within his/her geographical scope
• Takes part in analysing the capacity of his/her programmes and teams to respond to emergencies
• Contributes towards identifying preparedness measures in liaison with HQ’s Emergency Division; implements these measures;
• In the event of an emergency response, mobilises and adapts his/her department and its processes: size of the team, line-management, coordination and communication mechanisms, ARCI, reporting, etc.
• Strengthens external coordination with colleagues from other organisations.

6. Management

Assumes the role and stance of manager with regard to his/her staff:
• Fosters a team spirit and team works to ensure the necessary synergies between the divisions. Encourages the exchange of practices within and between divisions;
• Contributes towards the professional development of his/her team members: sets individual objectives, ensures that the know-how and motivations of his/her staff meet the organisation’s needs
• Provides individual and collective recognition
• Develops his/her staff‘s ability to work autonomously
Embodies and transmits HI’s values, ensures respect of its code of conduct and institutional policies and is vigilant with regard to expected attitudes and individual and collective behaviours.


Position opened to international, or national staff


• Master’s Degree in Finance Management or Business Administration
• More than 10 years experience in the Finance Field with high responsibilities
• More than 5 years working experience in management of teams in humanitarian or development programs
• Previous experience with HI
• Demonstrated capacity building and training of teams
• Accounting, financial and tax management skills
• Objectives and contents of transformation projects (simplification, managing change, Manager 2.0, etc.)
• Donor frameworks and rules
• Command of French and English
• Command of IT tools (including advance-level Excel and Word)



Kampala – Uganda (for national and international staff)
Possible in Kenya or Rwanda for National staff from those countries

While the regional hub is based in Kampala, the position will be based in one of the three countries of the East African Region (Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda). All three countries are relatively stable and peaceful, although Uganda has just conducted their General elections and Kenya will have their General elections in 2022. COVID continues to be a major public health threat, with cases continuing to grow. Rwanda has recently instituted a 2nd lockdown.

Relations between the three countries, who are members of the East African Community (EAC) can be tense at times, particularly between Rwanda and Uganda which has seen diplomatic tensions rise up over the past couple of years.

The position is a regional one and will require travel to all three countries. Travel requirements between the 3 countries will be determined in consultation with the Regional Director and the Kenya and Rwanda Country Managers.


International Package:

– Salary from 2757€ gross/month upon experience
– Perdiem : 494,02 € net/month – paid in the field
– Paid leaves : 25 days per year;
– R&R : according to the level of the mission Level 1: 1 day per month
– Position: open to families (more than 12 months) : package familial (REMOVE IF NOT APPLICABLE)
– A child allowance of 100€ per month, per child (from the second child) paid in the field
– Contribution to school registration fees for children over 3 years
Family-wide health coverage
– Payment for travel costs (air ticket & visa) and transport of your personal effects
– Housing : Individual taken in charge by HI

National package for citizens from Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda