MTN Mobile Money Uganda Limited is an equal opportunity employer and is seeking to recruit a competent individual to fill the following Position.

Job Title: Senior Manager – Corporate Performance Management

Reporting to: Chief Finance Officer

Division – Finance

No. of Vacancies: 1


Mission/ Core purpose of the Job

  • The purpose of this position is to develop business strategies, define budgets and monitor enterprise performance in accordance with MTN Mobile Money’s company policies, procedures and contractual obligations.
  • The position will interface with Oracle workflows and non-Oracle workflows in order to ensure effective and efficient operations.     

Main Job Functions:

Strategy Implementation

  • Assist in the creation of operational strategy in line with overarching divisional goals
  • Ensure effective implementation of operational strategy by means of providing direction, structure, business plans and support

Staff Leadership and Management

  • Source, induct, and manage talent in accordance with legislative guidelines
  • Ensure open communication channels with staff and implement change management interventions where necessary
  • Provide definition of roles, responsibilities, individual goals and performance objectives for the team
  • Set KPIs and provide regular performance feedback through a well-defined and implementable performance review program
  • Develop and implement a training plan in order to build and develop skills within the team performance.
  • Manage resources in accordance with HR policy and legislation where necessary
  • Actively participate in leadership of team and develop skills of own team
  • Promote an ‘MTN centric’ and a ‘partnership approach’ to develop strong relationships with other working groups and ensure adherence to Group governance
  • Set KPIs and provide regular performance feedback through a well-defined and implemented performance review program
  • Provide coaching and support to help achieve performance expectations
  • Provide information to the CFO on work accomplishments, individual / team challenges


  • Manage and resolve escalations that have impact on critical path of service delivery
  • Escalate issues that will result in significant time, scope, employee / client or cost impact if not resolved
  • Manage and provide solutions to issues that require formal resolution

Opco Operational

  • Review and identify key risks, issues and dependencies and set mitigation actions on budget/forecast and monthly reporting exercises.
  • Manage and review budget and forecast exercise
  • Sign-off / make decisions regarding operational changes


  • Provide input to the performance review of the operation against agreed KPIs
  • Create and monitor plan for continuous improvement of operational performance


  • Provide input into the review of reports on a monthly basis from the operations relating to progress made within the sub-division and in accordance with the measurement metrics set by the organisation
  • Review reports on specific projects as per the defined timelines as and when necessary

Budgets/ Forecasts

  • Manage and review operational budgets/forecast in line with business objectives
  • Manage and review project initiative budgets/forecast in line with business objectives

Operational Delivery

Business Planning

  • Gather assumptions and business drivers critical for defining the business plan
  • Develop the business plan based on assumptions and other key inputs such as proposed strategic initiatives and market assessment
  • Validate, socialise and update drafts of business plan with relevant stakeholders at MTN MoMo including C-level stakeholders
  • Submit formal business plan for approval as per defined delegation of authority
  • Provide summary of approved plan to CFO for presentation to the Board of Directors


Financial Budgeting

  • Gather business drivers and assumptions required for financial budget preparation
  • Maintain records of basis of arriving at key assumptions and drivers
  • Identify stakeholders responsible for providing budgeting inputs
  • Collect information from relevant functions/ departments
  • Manage budget process to ensure completion of responsibilities by authorized personnel, within defined timelines.
  • Submit the budgets for approval to all relevant stakeholders
  • Validate that the approved budgets are loaded properly and maintained in the financial system
  • Channelise team members to ensure adequate reconciliations are performed prior to formal upload and communication of approved budgets (baselining of budget numbers for the year)

Continuous Monitoring of Budgets

  • Conduct periodic review of business plans and budgets to evaluate actual vs. budgeted performance
  • Analyse discrepancies and determine root cause for deviations in consultation with relevant stakeholders
  • Formulate corrective measures to be incorporated into plans and budgets
  • Propose revision of budgets and business plans based on outcome of actual vs. budget analysis
  • Review of costs & revenues to ensure they are aligned to the budgeted lines at all times and advice the financial reporting team where there is deviation.
  • Review costs at the point of purchase requisition to ensure they are correctly mapped to the budgeted lines and there is sufficient budget before commitments are made.

Exceptions Handling and Reporting

  • Perform root cause analysis for SLA non-compliance and take corrective action
  • Identify potential sensitive issues and escalate it to the appropriate level

Managerial / Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Coach and mentor direct reports to ensure staff motivation is high
  • Ensure skill transfer for staff development, motivation, and business continuity
  • Ensure the team is led, motivated, and rewarded to achieve high performance areas
  • Guide and direct vendors and third parties in achieving MTN MoMo objectives
  • Identify staff training and development needs and implement necessary actions
  • Manage team (including recruitment, on-boarding, attrition)
  • Set goals and objectives for direct reports, monitor progress and maintain motivation
  • Set up appropriate structure to meet departmental management objectives

Job Requirements (Education, Experience and Competencies)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Financial and/or equivalent
  • Post Graduate degree in Finance and/or relevant professional qualification (e.g., Chartered Accountant) (preferred)


  • At least 7 years of relevant managerial experience in Finance (or Business Management)
  • 4 years of experience within a telecommunication environment
  • Experience in continuous improvement through the implementation of best practices (Finance)
  • Experience in Finance leading practices and trends

Knowledge & Skills:

  • Identifies, recognizes & builds future talent
  • Complexity and ambiguity
  • Risk management
  • Manages conflict
  • Influencing others
  • Information processing
  • Planning and organizational skills
  • People management/Interpersonal skills
  • Managerial skills

Behavioral Qualities:

  • Complete accountability
  • Get it done
  • Innovation
  • Culturally aware and adaptable
  • Able to communicate effectively