• To carry out receipts and calibrate raw materials purchased from the suppliers. He/She should inform those responsible for any violations or irregularities either in specification or in quantities.
  • The store supervisor should maintain a running record in SAP of all the supplies in the store.
  • Allocation of storage spaces for the raw materials in correspondence to the characteristics and nature of the components in terms of ventilation, humidity, heat, sunlight, etc.
  • Monitor Handling and arrange all the orders for production supplies. He is responsible for the movement of all supplies in and out of the store ensuring appropriate personnel sign approvals and receipt of the raw materials.
  • Monitor the stock levels of the raw materials, maintain minimum stocks for the items and place orders to the suppliers to replenish the stock on time.
  • Design records and lists of items according to the degree of homogeneity (similarity) and code them for easier handling upon request to prevent interference in the titles and duplication.
  • Make sure First in First out (FIFO) for all the raw materials in the store is being implemented properly.
  • Take security store precautions against theft, fire, damage and obsolescence.
  • Isolate stagnant, damaged and obsolete raw materials. He/She should inform those responsible for the disposing of these items to take necessary decision on each of them.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of products and warehouse.
  • Make sure that the corridors between the goods are available as per ISO standard to facilitate the process of counting, cleaning, and surveillance.
  • Supervising and developing all those in stock and training them on the (SAP)program
  • And any other duty as per Management request.


  • A Minimum requirement of a Bachelors in procurement and logistics, Supply chain management or Diploma in any of the relevant disciplines from a reputable university.
  • Full knowledge of how to store and fully understand storage instructions
  • Management skills of those under the supervision and distribution of work to them.
  • 4+ years of experience in storekeeping, inventory control, or recordkeeping
  • Skills to operate common office equipment (  Microsoft office, Excel, power point and the use of office outlook).
  • Experience in SAP or S4/HANA is a must for the role.