Job Title: Technician (Water)

Salary : Attractive

Contract Duration : One(1) Year renewal upon satisfactory performance

Reports to Engineer (Entry level)

Responsible for : Operation and maintenance

Job Purpose

To assist in supporting the operation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems to the farmers in the District. He/she will be is responsible for irrigation installation and makes sure that all the equipment is functioning properly by performing regular testing and any repairs needed on the irrigation equipment. The irrigation technician needs to be able to operate irrigation

Key Outputs

i) Farmers and Extension workers trained and supported in the operation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems; ii) Testing of irrigation systems carried out iii) Repairs needed on the irrigation equipment carried out iv) Inspections of the irrigation equipment conducted for quality assurance v) routine inspections of installed irrigation systems conducted together with farmers vi) Performance data on the installed irrigation systems collected Key Functions i) Testing irrigation systems and related technologies in order to ensure their viability, efficiency and effectiveness; ii) Developing O&M plans and Carrying out maintenance and repairs for the irrigation system facilities iii) Providing technical training to extension staff and farmers in irrigation systems operation, maintenance and management. iv) Conducting Inspections of the irrigation equipment for quality assurance to ensure that it meets the required minimum standards v) Compiling data on performance of irrigation systems vi) Performing any other duties that may be assigned from time to time

Person Specifications

(i) Qualifications:

 Should hold a Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering or Water Engineering from a recognized institution. Certificate in plumbing is an added advantage (ii)


 Running effective meetings  Project Management;  Records and information management;  Time management; and Concern for quality and standards.