Department Purpose

To work with others in advancing women’s rights to be  at the center of all Oxfam in Uganda’s work with an aim of finding lasting solutions to extreme inequality and injustice.

Team Purpose

  • Contribute to the strategic development and management of the country program.
  • Supports resource mobilization
  • Ensures that the promotion of women’s rights is at the centre of all Oxfam in Uganda’s program work
  • Work with the Business support and team on project-specific aspects of the women’s rights portfolio
  • Work with program team members on the development of the strategic partner portfolio, identification and appraisal of project proposals of local partners.



Job Purpose

Be responsible for quality and timely delivery of the  women rights projects which include Women’s leadership, Women’s Economic Empowerment including women’s land rights, Women’s economic empowerment and care (WE- Care) and gender equality projects and play an active role in ending the Violence Against Women Campaign.

The Projects Cor-ordinator will also ensure effective partner engagement for project delivery. S/he will ensure timely reporting by the partners and disbursement of grants including organising on-going capacity building support to the partner(s).

The Projects Co-ordinator should work towards coherence of organisational strategies particularly the Global Strategic Framework, Country Strategic Framework and the Gender Justice and Women’s Rights Operational Framework to enhance integration of Gender Justice and Women’s Rights into Oxfam in Uganda’s work programme and at the operational level.


Job Responsibilities


  • Support the Implementation of the Gender Justice and Women’s Rights projects in line with the Oxfam Country Strategic Framework (CSF) and organizational policies.
  • Contribute to preparation of the Gender Justice and Women Rights programme proposal documents, project summaries and project overviews.
  • Working in collaboration with Oxfam teams, contribute to the development and implementation of Oxfam strategy and programmes in Uganda, placing women’s rights at the centre of the programme.
  • Offer technical support to the program teams especially in areas of research,  advocacy, campaigns, fund raising and public engagements from a Gender Justice and Women’s Rights perspective, in line with the one program approach
  • Coordinate partners to develop detailed operational plans, budgets, indicators and MEAL frameworks for women’s rights projects
  • Represent Oxfam in forums/meetings related to Gender Justice and Women’s Rights across the country, region and globally.



  • Carry out regular monitoring visits to partners and project locations to keep updated on project implementation and mitigate and challenges.
  • Engage with project stakeholders at national and sub-national level
  • Lead the process on donor reporting and adherence to donor requirements
  • Work with Program Quality & Learning team to ensure that the MEL Framework is effectively adopted by the partners and that monitoring data is well managed and readily available for program quality control
  • Constructively support partners’ management of projects in the various stages of the project cycle from project appraisal to reporting and close out.
  • Conduct regular project reviews to discuss project progress with partners. share learnings and experiences that inform actions.
  • Lead the process of project documentation for visibility and learning
  • Identify/create opportunities/platfoms to foster strategic linkages, alliances and networks that enhance shared learning and collaboration in the social justice and women’s movements.


  • Carry out regular performance assessments and reviews of partner organizations and provide guidance on enhancing the quality of projects.
  • Participate in regular meetings with partner organizations and relevant stakeholder platforms.
  • Ensure implementation of action points/ recommendations agreed upon with partners during project reviews.
  • Support with partner contracting process particularly with the required documentation.
  • Hold and/or participate in regular meetings with partner organizations, and stakeholders to ensure that the working relationship between them and Oxfam is progressive, open and conducive to the successful achievement of agreed objectives.
  • Ensure project compliance including management of project information in the SAP/ADOBE system


  • Eager and required to adhere to Oxfam’s principles and values as well as the promotion of gender justice and women’s rights.
  • Understanding of and commitment to adhere to equity, diversity, gender justice, feminist principles, child safety and staff health and wellbeing principles.


Job Requirements


  • Organisational and personal management skills,  with ability to prioritize work issues to meet deadlines with minimal supervision and ability to adjust to constantly changing situations while maintaining focus on delivery and follow-through
  • A good understanding of the changing context and the implications of programme delivery.
  • Effective communication skills.
  • Good networking and and collaborative skills for partnership development to meet programme goals.
  • Good project management skills and competencies.
  • Ability to collaborate and work with the various teams to deliver on the Country Programme objectives.


  • A University degree and Post postgraduate qualification in a relevant field e.g. Women and Gender Studies, Human Rights, Social Sciences. Law.


  • Minimum of five (5) years programme experience of delivering similar Gender justice and women’s rights programmes/projects
  • Good understanding and experience of project/program management cycle, and participatory appraisal techniques
  • Knowledge of and experience with donor funding environment and good financial and project management skills
  • Understanding of the “Rights Based Approach”
  • Proven experience of co-ordinating implementation of more than one project
  • Proven experience of working with and co-ordination of partner organisations
  • Experience of campaigning, advocacy and influencing work, ideally with experience on Gender Justice and Women’s Rights issues, including Violence against Women
  • Demonstrated understanding of the gender aspects in development, humanitarian and campaign programmes, with an ability to support mainstreaming in these areas
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Ability to travel extensively in all areas of the country & the region as required

Key Attributes:

  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and gender issues, as well as the commitment to equal opportunities.
  • Ability to be open and willing to learn about the application of gender/gender mainstreaming, women’s rights, and diversity for all aspects of the development programme.
  • Commitment to Oxfam’s safeguarding policies to ensure all people who come into contact with Oxfam are as safe as possible.
  • Commitment to Feminist Principles.


Organisational Values:

  • Equality: We believe everyone has the rights to be treated fairly and to have the same rights and opportunities.
  • Empowerment: We acknowledge and seek to expand people’s agency over their lives and the decisions that impact them.
  • Solidarity: We join hands, support and collaborate across boundaries in working towards a just and sustainable world.
  • Inclusiveness: We embrace diversity and difference and value the perspectives and contributions of all people and communities in their fight against poverty and injustice.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our action and inaction and hold ourselves accountable to the people we work with and for.
  • Courage: We speak truth to power and act with conviction on the justice of our causes.



Key Behavioral Competencies
(based on Oxfam’s Leadership Model)

Competencies Description
Decisiveness We are comfortable to make transparent decisions and to adapt decision making modes to the context and needs.
Influencing We have the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders in a way that leads to increased impact for the organization We spot opportunities to influence effectively and where there are no opportunities we have the ability to create them in a respectful and impactful manner.
Humility We put ‘we’ before ‘me’ and place an emphasis on the power of the collective, nurture the team and play to the strengths of each individual. We are not concerned with hierarchical power, and we engage with, trust and value the knowledge and expertise of others across all levels of the organization.
Relationship Building We understand the importance of building relationship, within and outside the organization. We have the ability to engage with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in ways that lead to increased impact for the organization.
Listening We are good listeners who can see where deeper levels of thoughts and tacit assumptions differ. Our messages to others are clear and consider different preferences.
Mutual Accountability We can explain our decisions and how we have taken them based on our organizational values.  We are ready to be held to account for what we do and how we behave, as we are also holding others to account in a consistent manner.
Agility, Complexity, and Ambiguity We scan the environment, anticipate changes, are comfortable with lack of clarity and deal with a large number of elements interacting in diverse and unpredictable ways.
Systems Thinking We view problems as parts of an overall system and in their relation to the whole system, rather than reacting to a specific part, outcome or event in isolation. We focus on cyclical rather than linear cause and effect. By consistently practicing systems thinking we are aware of and manage well unintended consequences of organizational decisions and actions.
Strategic Thinking and Judgment We use judgment, weighing risk against the imperative to act. We make decisions consistent with organizational strategies and values.
Vision Setting We have the ability to identify and lead visionary initiatives that are beneficial for our organization and we set high-level direction through a visioning process that engages the organization and diverse external stakeholders.
Self-Awareness We are able to develop a high degree of self-awareness around our own strengths and weaknesses and our impact on others. Our self-awareness enables us to moderate and self-regulate our behaviors to control and channel our impulses for good purposes.


We all work to effectively empower and enable others to deliver the organizations goals through creating conditions of success. We passionately invest in others by developing their careers, not only their skills for the job.  We provide freedom; demonstrate belief and trust provide appropriate support.


Oxfam is committed to preventing any type of unwanted behavior at work including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, lack of integrity and financial misconduct; and committed to promoting the welfare of children, young people and adults. Oxfam expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment through our code of conduct. We place a high priority on ensuring that only those who share and demonstrate our values are recruited to work for us. Note: All offers of employment will be subject to satisfactory references and may be subject to appropriate screening checks, which can include criminal records and terrorism finance checks, or integrity screenings/references relating to misconduct and disciplinary actions in prior employment.


The deadline for the application is May 24, 2023